Welcome to Aberoth!

Aberoth is a fantasy massively multi-player online browser based role playing game. Aberoth requires either Java or a browser that supports HTML5 to run. Visit java.com to get Java if you need it. You can play in any web browser or download the stand alone client.

Here is an excellent new player guide!

Trouble in Paradise

The peaceful land of Aberoth is under siege! Rogues are roaming the countryside. Ravenous rabbits are eating all of the crops. Ferocious bees are tormenting the citizens. Worst of all, threatening orcs are gathering to the west. Brave Champions are needed to rid the land of this scourge.

You start life as a simple peasant with nothing but your courage and bare hands. Will you become a Champion and help save your land?

To become a Champion and name your character, say 'champion'.
To become more powerful, be on the lookout for NPCs who might teach you a skill.

Use the arrow or "wasd" keys to move. You may move diagonally by pressing two directions at once or by pressing "q", "e", "z", "c" or "Home", "PgUp", "End", or "PgDn".
To fight, use the left mouse button or the 'f' key. If you hold down the button or key, you will continue to fight.
To pick up a weapon, a piece of armor, or gold, click on it precisely with the mouse pointer. You must be close to something to pick it up.
To drop a piece of equipment, right-click or shift-left-click on it with the mouse pointer.
To say something, press enter, then type what you want to say, then press enter again.
To enter a command, just make your character say it.
To remap the keys to move and fight, type [Enter]keymap[Enter]

Control summary

EnterSay something.
w,s,d,a or Up,Down,Left,Right arrowsMove north, south, east, or west.
q,e,z,c or Home,PgUp,End,PgDnMove diagonally.
left mouse buttonAttack or pick up an item pointed to by the mouse. Also uses an item in your inventory.
right mouse button or
shift-left mouse button
Drop the item pointed to by the mouse.
iInventory (opens or closes your bag if you have one).
1Use the first (leftmost) usable item in your belt.
0Use the last (rightmost) usable item in your belt.
2-8Use the item from the slot specified in your belt.
$Count the gold you are carrying.
+ or -Increase or decrease the sound volume.
> or <Increase or decrease the music volume.
EscClear any messages or text from the screen.
vDisplay the current episode of Aberoth.

Command summary

Commands are performed by having your character say the command by pressing enter and then typing the command.

championBecome a Champion of Aberoth and name your character.
drop goldDrop all of the gold you are carrying.
drop 100 goldDrop 100 pieces of gold.
trade NameBegin trading with a player. The other player must say 'trade YourName' to commence trading.
addgold 100When in a trade, adds gold to the trade.
acceptWhen in a trade, accepts the other person's offer. Both people must accept for the trade to complete.
makecamp, camp, logoff, logout, saveSafely log out of Aberoth.
keymapRedefine the movement and fight keys.
shownames or hidenamesShow or hide the names of other players.
unfriendlyEnable damage to all other players.
friendlyDisable damage to other friendly players.
statsShow or hide your statistics.
autogoldEnable or disable automatic gold collection from slain monsters.
profanityEnable or disable the profanity filter.
hotkeyDefine a hot key for using an item. Say 'hotkey clear' to clear all hotkeys.
hotkeys, hhEnable or disable item use hotkeys.
hideAttempt to hide from other players.
membershipDisplays your membership information. Membership is necessary to rest in the inn to earn double experience.
emailCheck to see if this account is secured with a verified email.
skillsDisplays information about your current skills and well rested percent.
questsDisplays your current quests. Quests are listed in order of difficulty from easiest to hardest.
achievementsDisplays your completed achievements.
spellsDisplays information about your known spells.
resistancesDisplays your current resistances.
infamyDisplays your current infamy status.
flipcoinFlips a coin.
sleep or afkGo to sleep.
passwordAllows you to change your account password.
invite NameInvite another player to follow you. You may invite other players into your private vault with this command.
ally NameForm an alliance with another player. Allied players cannot hurt each other.
tempally NameForm a temporary alliance with another player. Temporary alliances are identical to regular alliances, but are automatically broken after a long logout.
unally NameBreaks an alliance with another player.
unally everyoneyesiamsureBreaks all of your alliances.
alliesShows a list of your current allies. Temporary allies have a star after the name.
ignore NameIgnores a player. You can also ignore everyone and noone.
unignore NameUnignores a player, everyone, or noone.
archenemy NameDesignates a player as your archenemy. You may kill your archenemy without penalty.
unarchenemyClears your archenemy.
vaulttrust NameAllow another player to take items from your vault.
unvaulttrust NameDisallow another player to take items from your vault.
vaulttrustShow current list of players allowed to take items from your vault.
namepet NameAssigns a name to your closest unnamed pet.
stay PetnameCommands your pet to stay. The Petname is optional.
heel PetnameCommands your pet to follow you. The Petname is optional.
attack PetnameCommands your pet to attack unfriendlies. The Petname is optional.
duel NameChallenge another player to a duel. The duel stops when one player has less than 10% of their hit points left.
duel Name 100Challenge another player to a duel with a wager of 100 gold (must be in a zone with an NPC).
volume up, volume downIncreases or decreases the sound volume (same as '+' and '-').
music up, music downIncreases or decreases the music volume (same as '>' and '<').
bwToggle black and white mode. Useful to reduce lag, especially in areas of dynamic lighting.
bbToggle build mode. In build mode, your character will only move one pixel at a time.
secure, unsecureIssue this command while standing on a structure to prevent it from being destroyed by errant clicks.
ddDiscard a message from a message board.
ffToggle automatic fight mode.
rrToggle automatic run mode.
withdraw 100Withdraw 100 gold from your bank account.
deepengraveRequest that Tavelor deeply engrave your items.
checkequipmentCheck all of your equipment for personalization.
message Name MessagePost a message to another player on a message board. Only members may write messages on Tavelor's message board.
webaccessAllows characters created on Steam to play in a web browser.
Guild CommandsAction
guildabdicateleadership NameTurn over leadership of your guild to someone else.
guildabdicateleadership noreplacementResign as leader of your guild without replacement.
guildacceptAccept an offer to join someone's guild.
guildengraveRequest that Tavelor engrave items with your guild name.
guildinfoDisplay information about your guild.
guildinvite NameInvite someone to join your guild.
guildinviterank XSets the guild rank required to invite or remove other guild members. If X is not specified, shows current rank required.
guildlootlimit XSets the number of items a guild member may take from the guild per Aberoth day. If X is not specified, displays the current setting. Use 'guildlootlimit none' for no limit.
guildmessage MessagePost a message to your guild on a message board.
guildmottoDisplay the motto of your guild.
guildmotto NewMottoSet the motto of your guild. Mottos are limited to 100 characters.
guildmotto noneClears your guild motto.
guildname NameTry out a name for your guild. You may do this as many times as you like until the name is finalized.
guildnamefinalizeMake your guild name permanent.
guildpickuprank XSets the guild rank required to pick up items in a guild vault. If X is not specified, shows current rank required.
guildprivacyToggle your guild privacy. Public guilds may be viewed from the guild Champions page. Changes may take up to 15 minutes to take effect.
guildpromote Name, guilddemote NamePromote or demote a member of your guild.
guildpromoterank XSets the guild rank required to promote or demote other guild members. If X is not specified, shows current rank required.
guildquityesiamsureLeave your guild.
guildranks XSets the number of ranks the guild has from 2 to 8. If X is not specified, shows current ranks.
guildrankX TitleSet the title of a guild rank for your guild where X is 1 (leader) to 8 (observer).
guildremove NameRemoves a member of your guild.
guildtakeleadershipIf there is no leader, promote yourself to leader of your guild.
guildwar GuildNameDeclare a guild war with GuildName.
guildpeace GuildNameEnd a guild war with GuildName.
guildwarsDisplay the current wars of your guild.
doorrank XSets the guild rank (or a player name) required to open a guild vault door. Use 'doorrank 0' to unsecure a door. Use 'doorrank' to see the current door security.
autocloseToggles whether a guild door will automatically close.
Membership CommandsAction
commend Name NoteCommends a player to help their reputation. 'Note' is an optional note only you can see. Available to all members.
condemn Name NoteCondemns a player to hurt their reputation. 'Note' is an optional note only you can see. Available to all members.
commendnotesDisplays all commended players ordered by when commended along with your notes.
condemnnotesDisplays all condemned players ordered by when condemned along with your notes.
goatee, shaveGrow or shave a goatee (male only, 200 day reward).
growhair, cuthairGrow or cut your hair (female only, 200 and 300 day reward).
ponytailGrow a ponytail (male only, 300 day reward).
announce AnnouncementPost a public announcement to Tavelor's message board. 500 day reward.
announceanonymous AnnouncementPost an anonymous public announcement to Tavelor's message board. 500 day reward.
vaultinventory CategoryTake an inventory of your vault (Category is optional). 600 day reward.
lastwords What to saySet what to say when you die. The word 'mykiller' (without quotes) in your last words will be replaced by what actually killed you. 700 day reward.
philosophy your philosophySets your life philosophy, which Tavelor will tell to other players. Use 'none' to clear. 800 day reward.
introspectThink about your time in Aberoth (reveals stats about your character). 900 day reward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do?
Fight enemies, make friends, complete quests, collect treasure, increase your skills, and explore. Skills and quests are obtained by talking to non-player characters, so be sure to say 'quest' and 'skill' to anyone you meet.

How do I speak?
To speak, press enter, then type, then press enter again.

How do I name my character?
You must become a Champion to name yourself. To become a Champion, say 'champion'.

How do I become a Champion?
You must collect gold by vanquishing the enemies of Aberoth. Once you have collected enough gold, say 'champion'. Once you choose a name and password, you will become a Champion of Aberoth and your name will appear on the list of Champions. You will then also be able to log in to Aberoth using that name.

How can I create an account so that I can log on?
You must first become a Champion. In the process of becoming a Champion, you will choose a name and password. You will need to use that name and password to log in to Aberoth next time. To log in, click the 'Log In' link from the bottom of the main Aberoth page. The Log In page may be bookmarked in your browser for future use.

How do I log out and save my progress?
Your entire character is continuously saved, including skills, gold, and equipment. However, to log out safely, enter the command "makecamp" or "save". Making camp takes three seconds in safe areas and thirty seconds or longer in dangerous areas. Once you have successfully established camp you will be safely logged out. The next time you play Aberoth, your character will start at the last entrance you used. Camp may be interrupted at any time by any key or mouse button. Warning: If you close Aberoth without making camp, your character will remain in the world for thirty seconds without you watching, and you could be killed.

How can I earn double experience?
There is an inn at Tavelor's tavern. If you makecamp inside the inn, when you log on later you will be well rested and earn double experience in your focused skill. While you are earning double experience, your experience bar will be a greenish color. When you say 'skills', you will be able to see how well rested you are (0-100%). As long as you are well rested at all, you will earn double experience. The percentage is approximately how much more experience you will earn at the double rate, where 100% is a full level. You do not become less well rested over time, but only when you earn experience. The longer you are logged out at the inn, the more well rested you will be when you log back on. To stay at the inn, you must become a member by visiting the Aberoth store.

How can I tell when does my membership expires?
Say 'membership' in the game and you will be shown your membership status. If you purchase an additional membership, the new membership time will be added to the time you currently have remaining.

How do the "unfriendly" and "friendly" commands work?
By default, every player starts out as friendly. Friendly players cannot hurt other friendly players. If you enter the command "unfriendly", you will be able to attack other players, and other players will be able to attack you. Friendly player's names are white and unfriendly player's names are pink.

May I create and use alts?
Yes, but please do not use multiple characters controlled by one person while player killing.

What if I discover an exploit?
Please do not use exploits. If you find an exploit, please send an email to support@aberoth.com with details about the exploit, so that it may be fixed as soon as possible.

How do alliances work?
You may form an alliance with any other player. To form an alliance, you must be closer to the person say 'ally Name'. Both people who are forming the alliance must use this command with each other's names to enter an alliance. Once allied with someone, you cannot hurt them and they cannot hurt you, no matter if you are friendly or not. Names of friendly allies are light gray. Names of unfriendly allies are yellow. Anyone can break an alliance at any time by saying 'unally Name'. To display who you are allied with, say 'allies'.

How does the 'vaulttrust' command work?
By default, your vault is secure. No one other than yourself may pick up items in your vault. To allow someone else to pick up items in your vault, you must use the command 'vaulttrust name'. Only players that have been explicitly added by this command can take items from your vault. Even when they are trusted, you must be present in your vault for them to take items. You may 'unvaulttrust name' anyone at any time. You can see who you currently trust with the command 'vaulttrust'.

How does the 'archenemy' command work?
In Aberoth, certain types of PvP kills are considered justified. For example, if someone has your engraved items or has killed you in the last day, you are justified in killing them. Their name will appear orange, and you will not be penalized if you kill them. The archenemy command was added because there is no way that the game can determine every single case where a kill might be justified. If you feel someone has harmed you, harassed you, stolen from you, or hurt you in some other way, and you feel justified in killing them, you can use the command 'archenemy Name'. You may pick exactly one other player to be your archenemy. It takes one game week (17 hours real time) for a new archenemy to become active. Once active, your archenemy will appear orange to you, and you may attack them at any time without becoming wanted or gaining infamy. Be aware that your archenemy can also attack you without penalty. If your archenemy has also picked you as their archenemy, you will appear red to each other. You can clear your archenemy instantly at any time with the command 'unarchenemy'. You must have a life skill of at least 10 to declare an archenemy.

What do the name colors mean?
Names of friends are white. Names of enemies are red. Friendly allies are light gray. Unfriendly allies are light yellow. Names of people who you can justifiably kill (have killed you recently, have your items, or are your archenemy) are orange. You may always kill orange or red players without penalty. You can click on an orange player to see why they are orange to you.

What does a '*' mean after a name?
If a player's name has an asterisk (*) after it, it means that they changed their name in the last real life week. You can see what their name used to be by checking the name changes page. You can change your name in the Aberoth store.

How do skills and focus work?
You start the game with no skills. Skills can be acquired by speaking with certain non-player characters. To gain a level in a skill, you must generally do something related to that skill. The NPC who gives you the skill will give you details. All skills will level up when practiced. The first skill, Life, is increased by defeating enemies. You may focus your concentration on one particular skill to increase the rate at which it levels. When you say "skills", the skill that has the word "focus" next to it is the one that will make accelerated progress. The skill with focus progresses several times faster than the others. To change your focus to a different skill, talk to the NPC who gave you the skill. The gray progress bar at the bottom of the screen shows your progress toward the next level in the skill you are currently focused on. If you are a member, this bar may be green, which indicates you are earning double experience. Focus only affects the rate of progress of a skill. You always receive the full benefit of every skill you have whether it has focus or not.

How does hiding work?
When the hide command is entered, your character will attempt to hide. Your name is hidden from other players while hiding, but your body will still be visible to others if you are out in the open. If you perform any activity, you will cause a commotion and be revealed. Rogues, rabbits, bees, NPCs, and other enemies are perceptive enough to detect you, even while hidden.

How do I drink a potion, read a scroll, or use an item?
To drink a potion, use an item, or read a scroll, you must first pick it up. Once you are carrying it in your inventory, click on it to use it. Items that cannot be used (for example weapons) will do nothing when clicked on.

What does an exclamation point next to an item mean?
If an item in your inventory has an exclamation point next to it, it means that you do not have a high enough skill to guarantee success when using the item. You may still attempt to use the item, but the attempt may fail. The likelihood of success is indicated by the color of the exclamation point. Colors range continuously from greenish to yellow to orange to red, with green having the highest chance of success.

What does the letter 'P' next to an item mean?
If an item in your inventory has the letter 'P' next to it, it means that the item is personalized and belongs to someone else.

How does the invite command work?
Say invite followed by the name of the person you are inviting. Your character will gesture for the other player to follow you. Only the invited player can see the invite. If you invite someone to follow you and then go into your vault, and they follow you within five seconds, they will be escorted to your vault. Once they leave your vault, they cannot re-enter it unless you invite them again.

How does inventory work?
Regular inventory appears vertically at the right side of the screen, starting at the bottom. You can carry three items of any type in this inventory. Belt inventory appears horizontally along the bottom of the screen. You do not start with a belt. Different belts have different capacities, and may have restrictions on what they can hold. Items that you are wearing or holding do not appear in your inventory or belt slots. You can click on any inventory or belt item to use it. Items in your belt may also be used by pressing hot keys 1 through 9 and 0. The 1 key will always use the first (leftmost) usable item in your belt. Key 0 will always use the last (rightmost) usable item in your belt. Keys 2-8 will use the item from that exact slot in your belt.

What happens if I close the game window?
When you close the game window, your character will automatically begin to make camp, which will take about thirty seconds. You could be killed during this time if you are not in a safe place. It is always best to "makecamp" and wait for the message indicating you have safely logged off.

How do realms work?
Realms are copies of the entire world, with minor differences between them. There are two types of realms, common and arcane.
Every player starts in one of the eight common realms, which are white, black, green, red, purple, yellow, cyan and blue. Players starting on the website all start in the white realm, while players from Steam start in one of the other seven. While playing, the realm you are in is represented by the color of a small circle in the lower right of the game window. Members may permanently change their home realm by becoming 10% well rested at the inn, and then striking the orb or the realm they wish to travel to in the orb room. Players who are not members may temporarily change realms in the orb room, but must wait for the orbs to glow. If a player uses the glowing orbs to travel, they may return to their home realm by touching the candle in the orb room.
There are also two arcane realms, which are only available to members. The arcane realm of power is represented by a black triangle, and is accessed by hitting the fireplace in the inn.
The arcane realm of life is represented by a red triangle, and is accessed by hitting the painting of the island in the inn. The game rules are the same in the realm of life, but a player's reputation must be at least "fair" to enter. Therefore, access to the arcane realm of life is determined by the community by players using the "commend" and "condemn" commands.
To return to your common home realm from any arcane realm, strike the painting of the house.

What happens if I die?
When you die, you drop all your gold and unengraved items that you are carrying. If you are carrying items engraved with your name, they have a 90% chance of being found and returned to you when you are resurrected (you will respawn with them in the recovery room). Deeply engraved items have a 95% chance of being returned. In other words, each engraved item has a 10% chance (5% for deeply engraved) of being dropped when you die. You may engrave items for a fee by dropping them on the small table in the corner of the tavern. To deeply engrave items, say "deepengrave" while in the tavern. Items that you lose when you die will never disappear from the world, but may be picked up by anyone, including enemies.
When you die, you also suffer an experience loss in all of your skills. Skills without focus lose much less experience than the skill with focus, the same way a skill with focus gains experience much faster than one without focus. If you are killed by another player, you only lose half the experience compared to if you are killed by a monster. To resurrect your character, refresh your browser. To create a new character, click the "New Game" link on the bottom of the main Aberoth page.

How does engraving work?
Items that are engraved will likely (90% chance, 95% if deeply engraved) be kept by your character when you die. You may engrave almost any item for a fee by dropping it on the small table in the corner of Tavelor's tavern. Tavelor will also unengrave your items for much smaller fee. To deeply engrave items, say 'deepengrave' while in the tavern. To engrave items for your guild, say 'guildengrave' while in the tavern.

How does the lost and found work?
Tavelor the barkeep maintains a lost and found. Players may return engraved equipment they find while adventuring. If you drop any engraved item in his tavern, he will place it in the northwest corner and only allow the owner to pick it up. If an item stays in the lost and found too long (two to six real life days, depending on the value of the item), he will unengrave it so that anyone may take it. There is no reward for returning items, but Tavelor will tell the owner who returned the item.

How fast does time pass in the game?
Game time moves exactly ten times faster than real life. For example, one full day in the game takes 2 hours and 24 minutes (24 hours/10). One week in game takes 16 hours, 48 minutes. All NPCs in the game report times in game time, they never use real life time. Hint messages may use real time, but the words "real time" will be part of the hint.

What do the attack numbers mean?
The first number is the offensive damage rating of the weapon in your primary hand. The number in parentheses is the damage rating of your off-hand. Your primary hand attacks much faster than your off-hand, so it is wise to wield your best weapon in your primary hand.

What happens if I become infamous?
If you kill too many friends, you will become infamous and be banned from town and other peaceful areas. If you kill four friendly players in the last 24 hours, or ten in the past 5 days (real life time), you will become infamous. If you are killed while infamous, you will be placed in jail until you are no longer infamous.

How do guilds work?
Guilds are groups of players formally joined together. All guilds are created by players. Anyone can join or leave any guild at any time, but only Aberoth members can create guilds or become guild leaders. If a guild leader's Aberoth membership expires, they are removed from leadership, and any other Aberoth member in the guild may take leadership. All guilds must have a leader.

Guilds are created by saying 'guild' to Tavelor.

Each player may only be in one guild at a time, but a player can create as many guilds as they like. Guild names may be 4-25 letters long, with 4 words maximum. Guild leaders may try out as many names as they like for their guild, but they cannot invite members until the name is finalized. Once finalized, the name cannot be changed. Only finalized guilds appear on the high score page. All guilds that have members are displayed on the guild champion page. Rank is based on the total skill of all guild members.

By default, guilds contain five guild ranks, which are named Leader, Advisor, Officer, Veteran, and Associate. Guild leaders may rename the guild ranks if they choose, and as many times as they like, even after the guild name is finalized. Guild leaders may also change the number of ranks, with a minimum of two and maximum of eight.

By default, anyone ranked Veteran and above may invite others to join the guild, or remove members from the guild. The leader may change the rank required to invite with the 'guildinviterank' command.

Any Officer or above may promote or demote any guild member below their own rank. Guild leaders can change the rank required for promotion and demotion with the 'guildpromoterank' command.

A guild leader my abdicate at any time, and may either choose a successor or not. If the leader does not choose a successor, the guild becomes leaderless, and anyone in the guild (who is an Aberoth member) can claim leadership immediately. The former leader always becomes an Officer (2nd rank) in the guild after abdicating.

Guilds without a leader cannot maintain order, and any guild that is leaderless for 30 days (real life time) is disbanded. Disbanded guilds are shown in the "Guilds of Old" section on the guild high score board. A disbanded guild may be restarted by the founder by paying a fee of 25,000 gold. Please send an email to support@aberoth.com if you would like to restart a disbanded guild.

All guild command begin with 'guild'. See the 'Command Summary' section on this page for a list of all guild commands.

Why doesn't the keyboard work?
Sometimes the Aberoth Java applet or HTML5 client can lose keyboard focus. If this happens, click anywhere inside the game world with the mouse to give it focus. If that does not work, try refreshing the page.

What can I do if I get stuck?
Sometimes swinging or dropping you shield or weapon will give you more space to move. If you cannot get unstuck, enter the command "makecamp". When you log in again, your character will appear at the last entrance you used.

Is there any way to fix lag?
There are two types of lag in Aberoth. First of all, once every few hours, the server pauses. When this happens, a number (or "...") will appear on top of your screen that will count down. This countdown is an estimate for how many seconds the pause will last. While this countdown is happening, the entire world is paused, so you will not die or get hurt. You can relax and take a slight breather.
The other type of lag is caused by something else, which could be the network / internet or computer performance issues. This lag causes your player to pause or jump around. There are a few things you can do to try to fix this type of lag. What usually helps the most is if you can connect to a wired internet connection rather than wireless. You can also try reducing the size of the Aberoth window with the 'Options' link on the bottom. You can try playing with the sound turned all the way down (with the '-' key). You can try running in black and white mode (with the 'bw' command). Finally, you can try the stand alone client or the HTML5 client.Hopefully one of these solutions will fix the lag. The server is located in eastern Canada, so if you are far away from the server it may not be possible to fix all lag issues.

Can I change the size of the Aberoth window?
The main Aberoth window can be resized. A smaller window might improve performance on older computers. To resize the window, use the 'Options' link on the bottom of the main Aberoth page.

Does Aberoth work on Linux?
Yes, but your browser must support HTML5 (supported browsers) or Java. If you have Java but the applet does not work, you can download the stand alone client. You can go to java.com to get Java. You may either use Sun's JRE or OpenJDK. If the Java browser applet displays a gray screen and hangs at start up, try restarting your browser and reconnecting.

Who made Aberoth?
Aberoth was created by the person who goes by the name 'Simple' in game ('Simpletoo' in the Steam realms).
The music was created by Benjamin Burnham (Benjionics in game).
The castle pixel art used for the Steam release was created by Yuriy Gusev.
A player named Iron contributed artwork, including the starting castle, Ourik's decorations, inn furniture, tavern barrels, torches, trees, and others.
A player named Gelling contributed artwork, including the Aberoth title image, the chicken, and tree stumps.
A player named Xyeicroft contributed artwork, including various versions of trees and chicken variations.
An anonymous contributor created the HTML5 client.
Many others in the community have shared ideas that eventually made it into the game.

Can I help?
I currently do not need any help with programming. However, I am always open to ideas for the game. Ideas can be sent to me at support@aberoth.com You can also help by becoming a member. Membership fees are currently used for leasing the server and purchasing sound and art. I am also planning to hire a composer or purchase music at some point.

I have another question, comment, or want to report a bug.
Comments, questions, and bug reports are always welcome! Please send an email to support@aberoth.com.

Is Aberoth free?
Aberoth is free to play, but you may become a member for additional benefits. If you would like to support the development of Aberoth, please visit the Aberoth store.