Aberoth Champions

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Name Description Percent
ChampionBecome a champion.100.00
Life LessonObtain the life skill.62.65
ValiantDefeat one hundred enemies.30.49
Home Sweet HomePurchase a vault.18.68
SecurityPersonalize five pieces of equipment.16.13
SecretsFind a secret passage.15.81
Good LifeObtain level ten in the life skill.13.46
SaverBank one thousand gold.11.71
NobleDefeat one thousand enemies.11.31
Safety in NumbersMake five allies.8.45
CharmingFind and activate a charm.6.86
Well RoundedLearn four different skills.5.90
CamaraderieJoin a guild.5.71
ProsperousBank ten thousand gold.3.81
InsomniaResist being put to sleep.3.53
AbleObtain level twenty five in any skill.3.50
AdventurerComplete twenty five unique quests.3.48
ImpenetrableHave a defense of at least fifty.3.16
SpellcasterObtain the magic skill.2.85
Defender of the RealmDefeat ten thousand enemies.2.78
AdeptObtain a total of one hundred skill levels.2.69
Well RestedSpend a night at Tavelor's inn.2.67
Pet OwnerTame and name a pet.2.50
RenownedEarn a reputation.1.99
SurvivorSurvive being diseased.1.55
SwimmerSubmerge yourself in water.1.45
VersatileLearn eight different skills.1.13
RaiderDefeat the skeleton king Skaldor.1.03
AccomplishedObtain a total of two hundred skill levels..65
WealthyBank one hundred thousand gold..65

Achievement percentages are for all champions who have played
since achievements were added to Aberoth.