Aberoth Champions

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Name Description Percent
ChampionBecome a champion.100.00
Life LessonObtain the life skill.62.07
ValiantDefeat one hundred enemies.29.15
Home Sweet HomePurchase a vault.17.28
SecretsFind a secret passage.16.24
SecurityPersonalize five pieces of equipment.15.32
Good LifeObtain level ten in the life skill.12.38
SaverBank one thousand gold.11.06
NobleDefeat one thousand enemies.10.24
Safety in NumbersMake five allies.7.63
CharmingFind and activate a charm.6.50
CamaraderieJoin a guild.5.62
Well RoundedLearn four different skills.5.20
ProsperousBank ten thousand gold.3.50
InsomniaResist being put to sleep.3.46
AdventurerComplete twenty five unique quests.3.16
AbleObtain level twenty five in any skill.3.08
ImpenetrableHave a defense of at least fifty.2.93
Well RestedSpend a night at Tavelor's inn.2.59
Pet OwnerTame and name a pet.2.49
SpellcasterObtain the magic skill.2.48
Defender of the RealmDefeat ten thousand enemies.2.44
AdeptObtain a total of one hundred skill levels.2.32
RenownedEarn a reputation.1.82
SurvivorSurvive being diseased.1.46
SwimmerSubmerge yourself in water.1.39
VersatileLearn eight different skills.1.03
RaiderDefeat the skeleton king Skaldor..98
WealthyBank one hundred thousand gold..63
AccomplishedObtain a total of two hundred skill levels..60