Aberoth HTML5 Client

Aberoth is now playable without Java or any other plugin by using the HTML5 client.

Currently supported browsers:
Chrome (version 16 and greater)
Safari (version 6 and greater)
Internet Explorer (version 10 and greater)
Firefox (version 11 and greater)
Opera (version 12.10 and greater)

Chrome is recommended, and seems to have the best performance and compatibility. Sound may not work in Opera. Whichever browser you use, please upgrade to the latest version available.

The Java version may have better performance than the HTML5 version. If you are having trouble with the HTML5 version, try the Java version here.

Once you switch to either the Java or HTML5 version, that will become your default until you switch back again.

Please report any problems to support@aberoth.com, and include your browser name and version in your problem report.