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By purchasing from this store, you are supporting the continued development of Aberoth. If you are not 100% satisfied with any purchase for any reason, send an email to support@aberoth.com within 7 days for a full refund, no questions asked. In the unlikely event that Aberoth closes permanently, all purchases made within the last 60 days will be fully refunded. Aberoth is being actively developed, and has been online since 2010.

Membership: Starting at just $1.25/month

Members can earn double experience. Members are allowed unlimited free access to the fully furnished and beautiful inn at Tavelor's tavern. Players who sleep at the inn become well rested, which allows them to earn double experience in their focused skill. The amount of experience that can be earned at the double rate depends on how long the player rests at the inn. Every ten hours (real time) spent in the inn allows you to earn double experience for 5% of the next level. The inn is especially useful for players who cannot play as often, to help them keep up with those who can.

Members recover hit points quickly while when standing by the fireplace at the inn.

Members can create and lead guilds. Any player can join a guild, but leadership is only open to members.

Members receive a ten gold piece discount on all engravings, and a 10,000 gold discount on all deep engravings done by Tavelor, the barkeeper.

Members earn special items and ability rewards. After being a member for 25 days, 50 days, 100 days, 150 days, 200 days, 250 days, 300 days, and every additional 50 days, members receive a new item or ability. Rewards are mostly cosmetic or novelty items.

Members are always able to log in. Non-members are limited to two sessions at the same time, and must wait in line if the server is full.

All members receive free character customizations.
One and two year memberships receive free vault upgrades.
(Vault upgrades and character customizations are issued as credits that may be used anytime. They do not have to be used right away.)

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Customize Character: $5

This purchase allows you to customize an existing Aberoth character. You will be able to choose your gender, height, handedness, shirt color, shirt sleeve length, hair color, and skin color. You will be able to preview your customization before completing your purchase.

Character to customize:


New Gender:

New Height:

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New Shirt:

Bank Vault Upgrade: $10

By purchasing this upgrade, you are buying one bank vault upgrade from Gomald the banker. Buying the vault upgrade is a way to increase the size of your vault without spending any gold. You may purchase a vault upgrade for any character you like, as many times as you like. Once purchased, say 'vault' or 'upgrade' to Gomald, and he will perform the upgrade to your vault.

Character to receive vault upgrade:

Name Change: $10

This purchase allows you to change the name of your character.

Current Name:


New Name:

Create Guild: $10

This purchase allows you to create a new guild. The name of the guild will be chosen by the leader in game once the guild is created.

Guild Leader:

Upgrade Guild: $15

This purchase allows you to upgrade an existing guild bank vault or increase the maximum number of players allowed in an existing guild by five.

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