Recent Changes and Additions

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November 6, 2017
- Players are no longer kicked out of the arcane realm of life when they log in after their reputation becomes too low. Instead, they will no longer be allowed to leave town (in the arcane realm of life) until their reputation improves. As before, if they leave the realm, they will not be able to re-enter until their reputation improves.
- Guild members can no longer recall items from a minotaur whose real name is engraved on the items.

October 19, 2017
- To help prevent total looting of guilds, each guild member (except the leader) may now only take 20 items from the guild vault per Aberoth day. The guild leader may change this limit with the command 'guildlootlimit X', where X is the maximum number of items that may be removed per player per Aberoth day (for no limit, use the command "guildlootlimit none"). In addition, any new guild member that was not invited by the guild leader must wait one Aberoth day before taking anything from the guild vault. Anyone can see the current loot limit with the command 'guildlootlimit'.
- In guild vaults, players may no longer pick up items from rooms that have a door unless they have permission to open that door.

October 13, 2017
- Raised perfect cast percent on all levels greater than Grand Master by 5%. This undoes the lowering made a few days ago.
- If a scroll is cast perfectly because of an item or a realm effect, knowledge of the spell will no longer increase for that cast. However, if your previous knowledge of the spell causes a perfect cast, or the scroll is consumed, you will increase knowledge of the spell. The knowledge check is always done before the item or realm checks, to maximize the chance of learning the spell.
- This change makes the cost of increasing proficiency of spells fair across all players, regardless of their current equipment, or whether or not their school of magic matches an arcane realm, or whether or not they have access to an arcane realm. This also brings the cost of advancing a spell back to what it was designed to be in the beginning, before many magic enhancing items and realm effects were added. This change ensures the cost to level spells remains the same in the future even if new spell enhancement items or effects are added.
- With this change, the expected number of scrolls that will be consumed to advance to each level from the prior level is (up to Warlock): 1,2,5,9,12,17,24,33,40,45,50,60. (Note that these numbers are not the total number of casts needed per level, but the expected number of scrolls needed, based on the number of casts and the perfect cast rate for the proficiency). The expected cost in scrolls needed to gain each level increases, but not excessively per level.
- The lore behind this change is that when an item or realm effect causes a perfect cast, the item or realm is taking over the casting process, so the player does not gain knowledge of the spell.

October 11, 2017
- The perfect cast percent on all spell levels greater than Grand Master has been lowered by 5%. These changes are due to the fact that since the initial spell system was implemented, many perfect cast items and mechanisms have been added to the game, making it much easier to keep scrolls than in was in the past.
- Tier 3 and 4 scroll drop rates have been increased.
- Fixed parchment not resisting certain magic attacks.
- Fixed weapons going into a wall, and then sleeping to jump out.
- Defeating someone in a duel with acid cloud or poison cloud no longer makes you wanted.
- Summoned skeletons no longer kill your opponent when in a duel.
- Players can no longer permanently levitate.
- Fixed magic xp mental fatigue exploit.
- Lich no longer gets stuck in the corner.
- Lich now has a delay after leaving his coffin before he can pick anything up.
- Fixed the ability to jump over an entrance and fall through the world.
- Dueling is no longer allowed inside the inn.
- Poison may no longer be used in duels.
- Some bug report quests have been given out to players who reported bugs that were fixed. Say 'quests' to see if you got it. If you reported a bug but did not get the quest, it could be that someone else reported the bug before you did, or that the bug was not fixed yet. Some small bugs may not be fixed for a while, or at all. If and when they are fixed, I will give out the reward quest. However, you can always report new bugs you discover to

September 8, 2017
- Revamped Darklow's quests.
- Added two new rare items.

August 31, 2017
- Added the guild command 'guildpickuprank X' where X is a guild rank. This command sets the rank required to pick up anything inside a guild vault. Any guild member below this rank can only pickup items engraved to themselves and items they dropped (until they exit the guild vault). Saying 'guildpickuprank' without a rank will display the rank required to pick up items. The default rank is 8, which is no restrictions. Note: If you are inside the guild vault and you change the pick up rank, it will affect everyone in your guild immediately, including those inside the guild vault. If you are not inside your guild vault, it will not affect those already inside, but will apply to everyone who enters or re-enters the guild vault.
- Players can no longer hide, camp, or sleep while moving.

August 28, 2017
- Added the 950 day membership reward.

August 14, 2017
- Updated the trading system to fix an exploit. The new trading system works the same as before, but now after both players accept a trade, all items involved in the trade are automatically picked up by the players. Before accepting a trade, a player must have inventory space for all items they will receive, and all of the items must be in pick up range. If a trade completes and you cannot pick up all items automatically (this can happen if you accept a trade and then move or fill your inventory before the other player accepts), a hint will be displayed listing the items you did not pick up. Any items not automatically picked up will still be protected as in the old trading system. If you are trading in your own vault, there is no range or inventory space check for items you are receiving, since those items will end up on your own vault's floor.
- The Aberoth Twitter account is now active! I plan on tweeting at least once per week. You can follow it here.

June 20, 2017
- Aberoth now has music! There are four original music tracks that can be heard throughout Aberoth. Use > or < to adjust music volume (or say "music up" or "music down"). Note that music does not play all the time, but instead it plays every once in a while in certain areas. Special thanks to Aberoth player Benjionics for creating the music!

May 19, 2017
- Guild leaders may now set guild vault doors to automatically close by standing next to the door and issuing the command "autoclose".
- Added the "secure" command to prevent misclicks on vault structures. When the "secure" command is issued in a vault, any structure that the player is standing on will be secured. Once a structure is secured, any attempt to pick up any item from the structure gives an extra warning (which can be overridden by clicking multiple times on the same item). You may unsecure structures with the "unsecure" command. Gold may not be secured. In guild vaults, only the guild leader and players one rank below the leader may secure and unsecure structures. Note that securing structures offers no real extra protection for the secured items, and only prevents structures from being destroyed by misclicks. Be aware that very large structures that have depth may actually be multiple structures, so you will need to use the command several times to protect all of the structures.
- A mysterious wizard visited Tavelor's tavern, and cast a powerful spell on his message board. The message board is now magical, and all messages posted to it are available in all realms. Guild message boards are still separate and do not share messages with Tavelor's message board.
- Guild members one rank below the leader may now post guild messages on message boards. However, only the guild leader may post announcements on the guild message board.
- Pets now always stay in the realm of their owner. When pet wolves follow an owner out of a vault, they will appear in the same realm as the owner.
- Ropes may now carry bat wings.
- Players with vault trust may now always pick up their own guild engraved stuff in the vault who trusted them.
- Fixed a bug where hotkeys worked even when the player was unable to move.

April 28, 2017
- In guild vaults, players can no longer pick up items through walls in different rooms.
- Fixed a problem with Steam characters logging in through a web browser. If you had problems before, please try again now.

April 21, 2017
- Characters created through Steam may now log in using a web browser. To do so, go to, click "Log In", then click "Steam Login". In order to use this feature, Steam characters must first enable web browser logins in game with the command "webaccess".
- Players may now record a private note for anyone they commend or condemn. For example, you could say 'commend Name He gave me a free shield.' or 'condemn Name She scammed me'. To see the notes you have made, use the command 'commendnotes' or 'condemnnotes'. These commands will list all players in order of when they were commended or condemned (oldest to newest) along with any note you made. Only you can see your notes. You may change a note by issuing the commend or condemn command again.
- Decayable items in vaults will no longer completely rot away unless picked up.
- You can now see who is the leader of another guild in game by their emblem.
- You may no longer pick up guild engraved items from a guildmate's personal vault, unless your rank is higher than theirs.
- The scroll of concealment now only works on allies.

April 4, 2017
- Certain membership rewards (automatic gold pickup, shop discount, vault inventory, and introspection) may now be purchased in the Aberoth Store. Both members and non-members may purchase rewards.
- Introspection now displays your guild power, size, wealth, and age relative to all other active guilds.

March 28, 2017
- Belts can now hold empty containers.

March 24, 2017
- Players may now carry one rope or strap without using up an inventory slot.
- Fixed a bug where the healing hat, gloves, and quartz rabbit would sometimes not regenerate hit points.
- Fixed a bug where players could not teleport themselves if protected from magic.
- Lowered all bone shield sharp resistances by 5% (except the plain bone shield).
- Made some small adjustments to the lich.

March 17, 2017
- Added a new area and 9 new items.
- A blocked or evaded ember now shows up as an orange (+) or (-) instead of (0).
- Lowered ornate mirror reflection percentage to 30.
- Fixed a bug where a burning ember would sometimes hang in the air permanently.
- Summoned wolves no longer fall asleep in the wolf caves.

February 10, 2017
- Mental fatigue for casting scrolls is now reduced for scrolls six or more levels beneath your magic skill.
- The "detect person" scroll has been changed to "detect creature", and can now detect any creature, not just players and bosses.
- Lowered ornate mirror reflection to 40% (from 50%).
- Blur scroll now resets its duration if it is already in effect.
- Allow agility boots and iron boots to be carried by ropes.
- If the server becomes disconnected from the internet (but did not crash), immediately and safely log out all players to prevent deaths.
- Do not leave arm remnants when player unpolies from retaliation.
- In the rare case that items that fall through the world, they now teleport back into the world.
- When using the scroll of protection, the blue glow now remains after zoning.
- For the safety of other patrons, Tavelor no longer allows diseased people in the inn.
- If vaults contain too many animals, they now get sick and die due to the squalid conditions. Bigger vaults can support more animals.
- Vaults now load faster.
- Fixed a problem where someone could intentionally cause lag on the server.

December 25, 2016
- Happy Holidays!
- Visit Aberoth for a special day today.
- If you are a member, make sure to check your quests!

September 21, 2016
- When customizing your character in the store, you may now set your clothes, hair, and skin to the colors that they were on a previous customization. On the customization screen, press 'p' to cycle through previous customization colors.

September 16, 2016
- The days of membership needed for various membership rewards have been changed a bit. The brass keyring is now the 75 day reward (was 100 day), advanced autogold is now 100 (was 75), the long leather strap is now 250 (was 300), the pony tail / short hair is now 300 (was 250). The coin pouch is now 750 (was 450), the ability to post announcements is now 500 (was 750), and the large pouch is now 450 (was 500).
- The medal of gratitude (400 day reward) has been replaced with something similar but better.
- With the new order of rewards, special abilities are now given on days 100, 200, 300, etc, and items are given on days 25, 50, 75, 150, 250, 350, etc. This pattern will continue for new rewards, so that they alternate between items and abilities.
- When purchasing vault or guild vault upgrades in the Aberoth store, players are now given a short description of what the upgrade will do.
- Precious gems are now bought and sold for the same price in shops (there is no longer any profit for a shopkeeper buying or selling precious gems).

September 12, 2016
- Gurun now buys and sells tier 4 scrolls.
- Gurun's maximum buy price has been raised to 10,000 gold (up from 7500 gold). His maximum sell price is now 20,000 gold (up from 15,000 gold).

September 9, 2016
- Added new animal and item.
- Added item decay. Only the following items decay: rat brain, rat tail, gray wolf heart, white wolf heart, and the new item. If any of these items are currently in your vault, the decay process will not start until the first time you pick the item up, so old structures and old items will never decay if left alone. However, once picked up, or if new items of these types are added to your vault, they will eventually decay, even if they are part of a structure or are left alone afterwards.
- Decay times (in real life time) are 8 days for rat brains, 12 days for wolf hearts, and 4 weeks for rat tails.
- All decayable items in the game (and future decayable items) will give a status of the decay state of the item when picked up. If an item does not give a decay status, the item will never decay.
- When polymorphing, the skill focus for the new creature will now be whatever your player was focusing on before the polymorph. If the new creature does not have that skill, your focus will be whatever skill is most similar.
- Slightly upped silver dagger stats, and upped required skill to 30 (up from 25). Upped spiked shield skill to 10 (up from 5). Lowered bone shield skill to 20 (from 25). Terror shield remains at 35, but other bone shields are now evenly spaced between 20 and 35.

August 19, 2016
- Made poison cloud slightly more powerful and acid cloud significantly more powerful.

August 14, 2016
- When the rotting of hearts, brains, and tails comes in a future update, the items will only rot in vaults when they are picked up. That way existing structures will be saved. I will make an additional special rule for existing white wolf hearts so they will not start to rot until they are picked up for the first time.
- After making a name change, items that are engraved with your old name now only have a 10% drop chance when you die (the same as items engraved with your new name). However, item recall and noticing your items on other players still does not work for items engraved with your old name, so it is a good idea to re-engrave items with your new name. If you have any items deeply engraved with your old name, Tavelor will now deeply re-engrave them with your new name for 1000 gold.

August 9, 2016
- Fixed a problem with introspection not reporting correct information.
- Introspection now reports how powerful of a spellcaster you are compared to other players in your school of magic.
- As Aberoth has grown over the years, many great names have been taken, but are no longer used. It is now possible to change your name to one that is taken by someone else, but has fallen into disuse. If there is a name you want to use that is taken, go to the Aberoth store and attempt to change your name to the taken name. If the game reports that the new name is "lightly used and might be abandoned", and you want to purchase that name change, please send email to and I will check to see if I can free it up. Also note that the name change price will change from $9.99 to $14.99 on September 1st.
- There will be an update (probably in about a month) that makes gray wolf hearts, white wolf hearts, rat brains, and rat tails rot and disappear after a while. All hearts, brains, and tails older than the rot period will be destroyed in that update, so please prepare now.

August 4, 2016
- Aberoth has been moved to a new server. If you can't connect, make sure to completely close and restart your browser, or re-download the client. I expect performance to be about the same as before, but the new server should fix the problem where everything would unexpectedly slow down from time to time.

July 27, 2016
- A message board has been added to the guild vaults. The message board is added at the 7th guild vault size (6 upgrades after the initial guild vault). If a guild has a message board, any guild member may message any other guild member, and the guild leader may post announcements or guild messages.
- Experience loss on death is now set to exactly 10% of your current level for your focused skill, and 2% for non-focused skills. This penalty is slightly lower than before, but previously the penalty was a percentage of your total experience. This caused xp loss to be greater as you approached the next level (since your total xp was higher).
- It is now possible to escape the Inn even if people are blocking the exit. Just keep trying to move in the direction of the exit, and you will eventually squeeze by.

July 19, 2016
- Tavelor has installed a message board in his Tavern. Anyone may read messages, but only members may write messages. To write a message to another player, move next to the message board and say "message Name Some message.".
- To read your messages, click on the message board. If you have more than one message, each click will read another message. Oldest messages are read first. Say "dd" to discard the message you just read.
- Guild leaders may make announcements to their entire guild by saying "guildmessage Some message."
- If a message is written containing the exact words "in X hours", where X is a number, then the message will be modified by the reader so that the time is accurate. For example, if you write the message "Meet me in 10 hours.", and someone reads the message 8 hours later, the message will read "Meet me [in 2 hours]." All times on the message board use game time, not real life time.
- If someone is on your ignore list, you will not see messages from them.
- Added a new 750 day membership reward.
- The old 750 day membership reward (advanced auto gold) is now a 75 day reward.
- Players can no longer move stuck items in someone else's vault.

July 12, 2016
- Added 4 new emoticons.
- Allow players to move items in their vault that are stuck in other realms.
- You can now see if a weapon is poisoned when you pick it up.
- Sharp weapons are now twice as likely to inflict poison than blunt weapons.
- The "Aberoth Champions" high score pages now have a "More" link to show ranks greater than 10000.
- Added a hint when trying to enter an upgrading vault when the upgrade was started from a different realm.
- Fixed bug where sometimes polymorph was reverted when zoning.

June 10, 2016
- Gurun has moved closer to town, which will allow lower level players to take advantage of his services.
- Lysis no longer automatically creates potions of life from nothing. She must now craft them (new crafting item added).
- The potion of charging has been lowered 2 levels, and the potions of polymorph and restoration have been each raised one level.
- Lowered retail prices of many potions.

June 3, 2016
- Changed automatic fight command to "ff" from "aa".
- Added an automatic run command "rr". Automatic run stays in effect until "rr" is said again, or the player changes zones.
- Players can now easily stop in a diagonal orientation. Previously, it was quite difficult, and players would mostly end up facing directly north/south or east/west, even if they were moving diagonally before stopping.
- Players who founded guilds that are now disbanded may restart them for 20000 gold by saying 'guild' to Tavelor. Founders of disbanded guilds may also now unengrave items engraved to their old disbanded guild at Tavelor's. Guilds with no one left in them are now immediately disbanded.
- Item recall now works in vaults, but there is a warning before using the scroll in your own vault. The warning is to prevent potential chaos from an accidental click. In all vaults, all items engraved to the user are recalled. For personal vaults, guild items are only recalled if the player is in their own vault, or the vault of someone who is not in their guild. In guild vaults, only the guild leader may recall guild engraved items. Guildmate's items are never recalled in any vault. These special rules only apply to items on the ground of vaults (items carried by other players work as if you were not in a vault. Clear as mud, but hopefully it will seem that the recall scroll "does the right thing".
- Players may now recall specific engraved items by saying the name of the item first, then using a scroll of item recall. For example, if you say 'dagger' and then use the scroll, then only your daggers will be recalled to you.
- Reflection is now displayed as a resistance. The percentage displayed is the chance to reflect.
- Fixed a problem for some Steam players who had trouble customizing their character using customization credits.
- Increased the delay between satyr butts by about 30%. DPB remains unchanged.

May 27, 2016
- Added the 'hotkey' command. Say 'hotkey', and you will be asked for a key and an item in your inventory to use. Hotkeys may be defined for any item that can be used, including containers. Once defined, the hotkey will use that item type from anywhere in your inventory. To undefine a hotkey, say 'hotkey', type the key you want to undefine, and then press enter. You can undefine all of your hotkeys with the 'hotkey clear' command. You can temporarily enable or disable all hotkeys with the command 'hotkeys' or 'hh'.
- F1 through F12 may be used as hotkeys, and they work even when your player is talking. However, these keys may not work correctly in the browser version of Aberoth, since browsers often override the function keys.
- Added the 'keymap' command. If you say 'keymap', you can redefine the keys used for up, down, left, right, and fight.
- Added the 'aa' command to enter automatic attack mode. Automatic attack mode will end if you say 'aa' again, if you change zones, or if you swing too many times without hitting an enemy.
- Aberoth members may now have 60 permanent allies. The limit for non members remains unchanged at 40.
- Players who die in the arcane realm of life will now restart there, even if their reputation would not normally allow it. This gives them a chance to retrieve any lost engraved items. After the next long logout (currently defined as 15 minutes), the player will restart in their home realm if their reputation is not adequate for the arcane realm of life.
- Fixed the farsight scroll.
- Snakes can now climb Ratingar's stairs.
- Bats now spawn from the cave in the meadow (instead of in the meadow itself).
- Added hint for beginners on how to switch weapons.

May 21, 2016
- Added an achievements high score page to the Aberoth Champions pages. The high score achievements page only counts champions who have played since achievements were added, and includes Steam and non-Steam players. These percentages will always be different than the percentages on the Steam achievement page, since those are based on Steam accounts (not characters), do not include browser characters, and the percentages are based on anyone who has ever downloaded the game, not just champions.
- Automatically recognize the Skaldor achievement if you have defeated him in the past.
- Remaining achievements are now listed when you say 'achievements'.
- The Aberoth Champion high score pages now only list the top 10,000 high scores in each category.

May 19, 2016
- Achievements are now available! There are 30 achievements, which are tracked at the character level in game. To get the Steam achievement, only one of your Steam characters needs the achievement. You will have to log on with your character to activate your achievements.
- Some achievements will not activate immediately when accomplished, since they would overwrite other important information on the screen (for example, learning your 4th skill). Any achievement that does not activate immediately will activate the next time you change zones.
- To see your achievements in game, say 'achievements'. Achievements are listed in order of most difficult to least difficult.
- Player details (for example: skills and quests) now remain on the screen after changing zones.
- Fixed misplaced pixel in the desert.

May 15, 2016
- All potions now give experience when they are used. Previously, a potion would give xp when its effect wore off.
- For safety, you now have to click more than once to drink a potion of polymorph.
- Fixed problem with enemy heads disappearing.

May 10, 2016
- The arcane realm of protection has been removed. With the recent lowering of the drop rates for engraved items, in addition to the equipment check command, I feel that it is no longer needed. While I liked the fact that the realm allowed a safe place for players to avoid losing items to PvP, I had always been uneasy with the realm, since it made acquiring equipment and items less challenging outside of PvP, and was unfair to players who earned items in the normal realms at great risk to themselves.
- A new realm, the arcane realm of life, has been created. This realm is accessed through a painting of a desert island in the inn. All game rules inside the new realm are identical to the rest of Aberoth. However, the arcane realm of life may only be accessed by players who have a fair, good, excellent, or unknown reputation. The purpose of this realm is to provide an area that is somewhat safer to players from excessive pkers, while at the same time providing the same challenge as the original Aberoth.
- Access to the arcane realm of life is decided by the Aberoth community through the reputation system with the "commend" and "condemn" commands. A player's reputation is calculated solely on the views of other players, not through any other game mechanic. The commend and condemn commands are private, and no one else can see who you have condemned or commended.
- Players whose reputation falls below "fair" while in the arcane realm of life will be sent back to their home realm the next time they die, or after their next long logout.
- Items, gold, and players that were in the arcane realm of protection have been moved to the arcane realm of power.
- You can now say "reputation" to Tavelor to hear your own reputation.
- If you recently bought a membership and would like it refunded because of the removal of the arcane realm or protection, please send an email to

May 6, 2016
- Added the ability to check your equipment for engraving. If you step on Tavelor's small engraving table, your character will do an equipment check to verify that all of your items are engraved to you. A check will be made on all of your worn equipment, your main bag, and any containers in your main bag. You may also check your equipment manually with the "checkequipment" command.
- Made widescreen mode optional.
- Added full screen mode.
- If you have a multiple monitor setup, full screen mode will work on any monitor. Simply drag the (non full screen) Aberoth window to the monitor you wish to use, then check the "Full screen" check box.
- Widescreen and full screen modes use more CPU/GPU than normal mode, and widescreen mode uses more network bandwith. Players experiencing performance issues should experiment with unchecking the "Widescreen" and/or "Full screen" check boxes.
- Added item size option to adjust the size of item icons.
- Players may now quit to the main menu at any time by pressing ESC, then Q. Note that your character will not be logged out immediately, so if you want to be safe, be sure to make camp first.
- Players may now respawn without going back to the logon dialog by pressing "R" after they have died or logged off.
- Added the "camp" command, which does the same thing as "makecamp"

May 2, 2016
- Aberoth now runs in 16x9 widescreen mode for the stand alone and Steam version of the client. I will probably change the browser version later as well.
- Increased base regeneration rate of players from 11 hp/min to 15 hp/min, and increased the bind wounds skill effect. Bind wounds now adds exactly 1 hp/min for levels 1-5 and adds exactly 2 hp/min for levels 6 and above.
- Lowered engraved drop rate to 10% (5% for deeply engraved).
- Removed additional 10% XP penalty in realm of protection.
- Shields are now picked up by your off hand by default.
- Modified some hint messages to better help new users.
- Upgraded the downloadable client to use Java 1.8 (from 1.6). If your downloaded Aberoth client no longer works, please install Java 1.8 and try again.

February 14, 2016
- Added 900 day membership reward.
- If you accidentally change your school of magic, you may now pick up the scroll you just dropped to revert back to your previous school. Also, dropping a scroll in your current school is now ignored.

February 5, 2016
- Added two new items (850 day membership reward and a rare drop).
- Fixed a bug where person detect would not display the location if you became more knowledgable in the spell.
- Occasionally people ask about restarting disbanded guilds. From now on, if a guild has been disbanded, the founder of the guild may restart it for 25000 gold. There is currently no way to do this in game, so if you want to restart a disbanded guild, send email to

January 29, 2016
- Added a new item (rare drop).

January 22, 2016
- Happy new year!
- Fixed problem with players using begone scroll while trading.
- Fixed a problem some players had with resetting their password on a secured account.
- Made teleportation more robust (sometimes mobs could not teleport).
- Slightly tweaked enemy attack behavior.

November 23, 2015
- Added a trading system. To trade with someone, say 'trade Name'. They can then agree to commence trading by saying 'trade YourName'. Once you are trading, every item you drop becomes part of the trade (engraved items and dropped gold are not included in the trade). You can add gold to the trade by saying 'addgold 100' while in a trade. Once both players say 'accept' in a trade, the trade is complete, gold transfers, and players may take the items they traded for. Picking up any part of the trade while in a trade cancels the trade.
- Removed the 'pay' and 'sell' commands, since the new trading system allows for gold trades as well.
- You can now specify a name in the 'doorrank' command to give exclusive access to a single person for a guild vault door.

October 4, 2015
- Added several new guild vault upgrades. The first new upgrade includes a door. The leader of the guild may set the security of the door by standing next to it and saying 'doorrank X' where X is a rank number (for example, 'doorrank 3'). Once set, only guild members of that rank or higher may open or close the door. The leader may use the command 'doorrank 0' to allow anyone to use the door. Anyone can check the security of a door by standing next to it and saying 'doorrank'.
- Fixed a bug where non-members who had changed realms by hitting a glowing orb were sent back to their home realm after a long logout. Players now stay in their new realm and do not revert back to their home realm unless they touch the candle (or hit the painting of the house).
- Fixed a bug that when entering a vault for the first time, the player keeps running.
- Lowered werewolf pelt drop percentage somewhat (due to there being so many realms now).
- Added back in the 10% additional xp penalty when dying the in the realm of protection.

September 27, 2015
- The realm of protection is now semi-permadeath. If you die in the realm of protection, you will respawn in your home realm, and may not re-enter the realm of protection until the next Aberoth day (at dawn). The realm still does not allow engraved items to drop, but I have removed the additional 10% death xp penalty. Hopefully this change will make the realm of protection more interesting, as well as alleviate complaints that it was too easy.

September 25, 2015
- Added "build mode". In this mode, your character will only move one pixel and then stop until you release and press another direction key. Say "bb" to toggle build mode.
- Tavelor by default no longer tries to report reputations for players who have not logged on in a very long time (for example, champions 'The' and 'And'). You may still see their reputations by saying 'champion Name'.

September 22, 2015
- Added the arcane realm of protection, which is accessed through the painting of the woman at the inn. In the arcane realm of protection, engraved items never drop on death. However, there is a 10% increase in xp loss when dying in that realm.
- Merged non-Steam and Steam Aberoth. Everyone in Aberoth now plays in one unified world. New non-Steam players still start in the common realm of knowledge (white), and new Steam players still start in one of the other common realms.
- Removed the arcane realm of knowledge. Anyone who was in the arcane realm of knowledge is now in the arcane realm of protection.
- The arcane realm of energy is now called the arcane realm of power, and is still accessed through the fireplace. The arcane realm of power currently has no special game rules.
- The potion of restoration no longer restores full hp, but is about as effective as 2 extra life potions.

September 18, 2015
- A reputation system has been added. Members can either commend or condemn other players using the commands 'commend Name' or 'condemn Name'. Reputation does not affect game play in any way, but if you say a player name to Tavelor, he will tell you the player's reputation, based on the number of commendations and condemnations that player has. A player must be commended or condemned at least three times before Tavelor will report a reputation. Each member may commend and condemn a maximum of 25 players at one time. If a player has a name that usually triggers something else from Tavelor (for example, 'hello'), you may say 'champion hello' to get their reputation from Tavelor.
- Added 800 day membership reward.
- Fixed white wolf quest. In some cases, the messages were misleading, and the pack wolves did not behave correctly.
- When selling items to other players using the trading system, and the name of the item is ambiguous (for example, defense rings), display additional information about the item.
- Fixed rage potion yelling.
- Fixed display of fireplace bind wounds.
- Made vault upgrade message more clear when an upgrade was initiated in another realm.
- Slightly lowered perfect cast percent for Grand Sorcerer.

August 29, 2015
- If players lose more than a full level of experience, they can now have that xp restored (up to one level below their maximum xp) by becoming 100% well rested at the inn. This allows players to recover from excessive deleveling.
- The minotaur can now be properly fatigued.
- Vampire bats have been slowed a bit to allow players to run away from them.
- Normal satyrs now cause light sleep by playing their pipes. Elders still cause deep sleep.
- Human players now have intrinsic 40% deep sleep resistance. Before, players did resist deep sleep at 40%, but it was a special case done outside of the normal resistance framework. Now it works like any other resistance.
- Fixed the bind wounds resting bonus sometimes incorrectly showing up as 7.

August 17, 2015
- Added seven new quests.
- Fixed the message to new players about seeing Inala.
- Leveling up bind wounds now immediately shows the new healing rate.
- Fixed slight inaccuracies in the number of players in each realm.

August 9, 2015
- When creating a new character on Steam, the number of players in each realm is now displayed. This allows players to choose a more or less populated realm based on their personal preference.
- Fixed the 'drop item' hint showing up at incorrect times.
- Display a message when clicking on the white orb in the Steam realm orb room.
- When naming a character, do not clear the name field if the user presses enter right away.
- Added a hint for new players to talk to Inala if they have not yet received the bat quest.
- Allow 3 Steam non-members at a time (up from 2).
- Updated Windows Steam client to use Java 8.
- Lowered unengrave time at Darklows.
- Allow wanted players in tavern.

August 2, 2015
- Added a new small zone. This zone may be used by players to change realms. Members can change realms more easily than non-members, but there is also a way for non-members to switch realms.
- Tripled Darklow's unengraving time.
- Engraved items can no longer be taken to a different realm, except by the owner. Now, if you lose an engraved item, it will stay in the realm you lost it in (unless it is unengraved).
- Shopkeepers now do not allow wanted or infamous people into their shops. Lysis and Wodon no longer allow unfriendlies into their homes.
- Added an additional impairment once a player has doubled their infamy kill allotment.
- The built in trading system no longer supports trades of engraved items.
- If killed when unfriendly (and not infamous), you now respawn friendly. This will help noobies who try unfriendly and get stuck on it.
- Doubled the amount of time scrolls stay dark. This only applies to the length of time the school of magic stays dark. The dark time between casts did not change.
- Made rogues and thieves spawn slightly faster.
- Fixed problem where Grand Shaman could teleport into his own treasure room.
- Fixed a problem when authenticating with Steam.
- Fixed a problem that would crash the server every once in a while.

July 25, 2015
- Added the ability to hide names in the Steam client.
- Added additional hints for new players to reduce confusion towards the beginning of the game.
- Changed the "inventory" command to "vaultinventory" to reduce confusion for new players.

July 17, 2015
- Steam release! - Made 'Steam' only champions pages. The 'All' champion pages include Steam and non-Steam players.
- Moved the champion links to the top.
- Removed the Most Sinister champions page.

July 16, 2015
- Made changes to ensure Steam realms are completely isolated from non-Steam realms.
- Gurun now accepts charms for certain quests.

July 13, 2015
- Made some small updates to prepare for the Steam launch this Friday.

June 14, 2015
- Updated the stand alone client. The log in dialog is now modeless, which means you can move or minimize the main Aberoth window while the log in dialog is showing. A splash screen has also been added, and the launch icon has changed.

June 4, 2015
- There are now two types of realms, common and arcane.
- Every new player starts in a common realm, which is that player's home realm (and can be accessed through the painting of home at the inn). When Aberoth is released on Steam, a new common realm will be added for Steam players. All common realms will be essentially identical to other common realms. At least initially, there will be no way for a player to access any common realm besides their own home realm. As Aberoth grows, more common realms may be added as needed, to accommodate more players. Common realms are represented by a circle.
- Arcane realms are special realms accessed through the inn (with possible different access points added in the future). All players from all common realms will access the same arcane realms, and may play together there. Arcane realms may eventually have significant differences from the common realms, and from other arcane realms. Arcane realms are represented by a triangle.
- Currently, there is only one common realm and one arcane realm. For now, the arcane realm is only slightly different from the common realm (but this may change in the future).
- The old realm of energy is now the arcane realm of knowledge.

May 30, 2015
- Made some minor updates to the stand alone client.

May 23, 2015
- When using the downloadable client, it is now possible to customize a new character. The customization is not exact, and the same settings will produce slightly different looking characters each time.
- When performing a paid customization and changing hair, skin, or shirt color, the sequence of colors now goes from light to dark for hair and skin, and red to violet for shirt color. Previously, there was no sensible order.

May 6, 2015
- Player customizations can now be redone. If you customize your character, and do not like it, you may return to the customization web page within an hour of when the customization was done to redo your customization without buying it or using an additional credit. This will allow players to see how a customization looks in game when fully equipped. There is currently no limit to the number of times a customization can be redone, but once an hour has passed since the last customization, a redo will no longer be possible, and a credit or purchase will be required.
- Changed the lighting in the customization room. Previously, the colors there did not exactly match the colors in the game. Now the grass, walls, and floor match the colors in the live game.

April 15, 2015
- Undid yesterday's "shift-down" "fix".
- Added a fix so that if a player only uses right clicks for a while for dropping items, shift-clicks to drop are disabled. Shift-click to drop is re-enabled the next time the player logs on.

April 14, 2015
- Fixed problem with pets / other mobs exiting vaults.
- Cancel "shift-down" when player moves (to prevent occasional unwanted dropping of items).
- Allow turning friendly immediately after turning unfriendly.

April 3, 2015
- Fixed screen updates after teleporting (there should no longer be any visual artifacts after teleporting).
- Fixed a few performance problems caused by last week's update.
- Added additional server optimizations.

March 30, 2015
- Made more internal server changes for optimization. I modified some of the screen drawing code, so please let me know if your game screen has any problems.

March 20, 2015
- Players whose memberships have expired no longer remain in the realm of energy.
- Made a bunch of internal server changes to prepare for Steam.

March 14, 2015
- Friday update on Saturday!
- Fixed realm indicator sometimes not showing up.
- Detect person now always shows the realm of the player even in realmless zones (if realm is different from self).
- Made several performance improvements in the server code.
- As a reminder, green hats will only be available for memberships purchased in the next three days!

March 8, 2015
- Friday update on Sunday!
- Added realms. At the moment, there are exactly two realms, but there will probably be more in the future. The realms are fully integrated into the main game.
- There may be minor differences between realms for flair or lore purposes, but there is no content advantage or disadvantage in any realm, and all content is available in all realms. Drop rates and spawn rates are the same in all realms.
- Tavelor now responds to the inquiry 'elsewhere'.

March 1, 2015
- Aberoth has moved to a new server. If you can't log in, make sure to exit all of your browser windows and try again. The stand alone version should also automatically use the new server, but if you have problems, please try re-downloading it.

February 27, 2015
- Friday update!
- Lowered drop percentage on engraved items to 16% from 20% (deeply engraved items now drop at 8%). This brings the total average number of items dropped per fully equipped death back to about what it was prior to the addition of the backpack and charms.
- Added a new 10 day membership reward item, as a bonus to everyone who supported Aberoth over the past few years. You may receive this reward even if your membership is currently expired (this is true of all other membership rewards as well, as long as you had been a member for the required number of days). This reward will only be available for a limited time! (Anyone who starts their membership before this reward is removed will still get it).

February 26, 2015
- Fixed Tavelor incorrectly unengraving items in certain circumstances.

February 21, 2015
- Made it easier to enter vaults and then inn when people are blocking the doors. If you are blocked, just keep trying to move in the direction of the vault/inn (even if you are not moving), and you should be placed in the vault/inn in a few seconds.

February 20, 2015
- Friday update!
- Added three new items. They are all rare drops (same drop rate as last week's new items).
- Guild unengravings are now protected by Tavelor, and all unengravings are now protected for a few minutes instead of a few seconds (but you still must stay close to the unengraved item).
- Gomald now reports who is in guild vaults as well as normal vaults.
- Tavelor now reports the names of only the most recent 25 players who logged off when you say "recently" to him. In addition, he no longer lists players who are currently logged on in the "recently" list.
- Fixed metal detect not working on certain charms.
- Changed name of "scroll of charm" to "scroll of harmony".

February 14, 2015
- Friday update (late)!
- Added five new items. They are all rare drops (similar drop rate as spiked shield).
- Rings and amulets that are not dropped on death now stay where they were before you died (the rest of your inventory is still scrambled).

February 7, 2015
- Friday update!
- Tavelor will now unengrave items if there are too many with the same inscription.
- Players should now be able to eventually push through when others are blocking the door.

February 1, 2015
- Friday update!
- Tavelor can now deeply engrave items. Deeply engraved items behave the exact same way as normally engraved items, but they have half the chance to drop on death (10% chance instead of 20%), and Darklow cannot unengrave them (Tavelor still can). If you are carrying someone else's deeply engraved item, a red "P" will appear next to it. Tavelor charges 100,000 gold (110,000 for non-members) to deeply engrave items, and 10,000 to unengrave them. To ask Tavelor to deeply engrave an item, say "deepengrave" while in the tavern. Guild items may also be deeply engraved if the "guildengrave" command is also given.

January 23, 2015
- Friday update!
- Added 750 day membership reward.
- After entering a zone, bats wait a few moments before attacking.

January 8, 2015
- Friday update!
- Inala will now tell who is currently in jail.
- When a player logs on in jail, they will now be told how many real life days are left in their sentence.
- The 'infamy' command now shows how many people you have killed in the last day (x/4) as well as how many in the last 5 days (x/10).

January 1, 2015
- Happy new year! Friday update on Thursday.
- Players will now become infamous after 10 unjustified player kills in the last 5 real life days or 4 unjustified player kills in the last 24 hours.
- There is now a 10 second cooldown after turning unfriendly where the player may not cast spells or turn friendly again.
- A "Most Righteous" high score board has been added. Players who kill infamous players (put them in jail) are given one point on the "Most Righteous" high score board.
- The potion of restoration now heals the player completely, as well as recovering lost experience.
- Gloves are now allowed in the wolf caves.
- Rats are now slightly easier to hit.
- Slightly reformatted the "Guilds" high score page.
- Guilds are now disbanded after 30 days without a leader (up from 7 days).
- Declared wars for disbanded guilds are now cleared.

December 20, 2014
- Friday update on Saturday!
- Expanded one of the areas.
- Added a new enemy and 2 new items.
- Tavelor now blocks infamous creatures from entering his tavern.
- NPCs no longer trigger the profanity filter.
- Pouches now fit through the wolf cave entrances.
- Fixed a problem where the Java client would not load when using Java 8.

December 12, 2014
- Friday update!
- Added a new area.

November 28, 2014
- Friday update!
- The detect person scroll now gives additional information if the person being detected is in the same zone as the caster.
- The detect person scroll will now give accurate information for all named NPCs.

November 22, 2014
- Slightly late Friday update!
- Added a new enemy.
- Added a new item (common drop).

November 14, 2014
- Friday update!
- Added 700 day membership reward.
- When using a replenishable item from your belt, there is now a slight delay before it is restocked.
- When you die, you are now told who killed you.

November 07, 2014
- Friday update!
- Added 650 day membership reward.
- Fixed broken resurrect scrolls. Resurrect would fail to work unless you were carrying more than one, or someone else close had an extra.

September 16, 2014
- Emeralds are now worth 2000 gold.

August 31, 2014
- Fixed crash when dropping large (greater than 1,000,000) amounts of gold, and removed the 50,000 gold drop limit.

August 30, 2014
- Players may now withdraw gold from their bank account with the command 'withdraw 100'.

August 29, 2014
- Friday update!
- Gurun will now accept other Grand Shaman items for the blunt quest.
- Gurun will now pay up to 7500 gold per item he stocks in his store.
- Precious gems are being changed to be more consistent with each other. Gomald will no longer stock emeralds himself (but will buy them and offer them for sale if he is sold one). In addition, in two weeks emeralds will be devalued to 2000 gold each. Until then, you may still sell them for 5000 gold at Gomald's or Darklow's. Since gold is now persistent, and can be stored in vaults, emeralds are no longer needed as money (and they never really worked well for that anyway). Pearls are also now no longer exclusive to members, and are dropped in game. The idea going forward is that all precious gems may be available as loot from new mobs, and will not be exclusive to specific mobs. Other than the pearl, current mob drops have remained the same. I will increase the emerald drop rate once it is devalued in two weeks.
- Players may now carry up to 100,000 gold without dropping any (without a coin pouch).

August 9, 2014
- Gurun will now pay up to 5000 gold per item.
- Gurun now buys up to 15 each of low value items, 5 each of high value items, and 10 each of everything else.

June 13, 2014
- Players can no longer be hurt within 10 seconds of entering someone else's vault.
- Non-pet bats are now cleared when the server restarts.

May 30, 2014
- No Friday update this week. It might be several weeks before the next update.

May 24, 2014
- Friday update on Saturday!
- Added guild wars. If you are the leader of a guild, you can declare a guild war by saying 'guildwar guildName'. You can make peace by saying 'guildpeace guildName'. You must wait one game hour (6 real life minutes) after declaring war before you can make peace. Any player may see their guild's current wars by saying 'guildwars'. Wars only become active if both guilds have declared war on each other. When two guilds are at war, members of the warring guilds will see members of the other guild as red and can attack without wanted time or infamy. All guild wars are displayed on the 'Guilds' web page.
- Bags are always used first for items, even when the bags are closed.
- Shortened the message when other players pick up loot from a shared kill.
- Equipped wands may now be dropped on mobile.

May 16, 2014
- Friday update!
- Added 550 and 600 day membership rewards.
- Tavelor will now report which items Gurun is out of stock in. Items are listed in order from lowest to highest price.
- Gurun's maximum buy price has been upped to 3000 gold per item.
- With a shared kill, all items now give a message when another player picks them up. Previously, the message was only displayed for 'high value' items.
- Clicking on a player through another mob no longer displays their guild name.
- If a container was closed, sometimes items would go into it on pickup, even if there was other space available. Now, closed containers will always be the last slots tried.

May 9, 2014
- Friday update!
- Added a new enchantment scroll (low level).
- When valuable loot drops from an enemy or chest and is picked up, a notification is now given to other players who participated in the kill and are still within item interaction range. The notification identifies the item and who took it. This notification also suppresses gold and guild emblem messages for a few seconds, so players will still see the new message even if they are clicking for gold and loot. This notification is never given for scrolls or potions.
- The "potion of cure disease" has been renamed to "potion of cure", and now also cures poison.
- The symbol for silence is now (~), like a closed mouth, and blind is (*), like a tightly closed eye. These symbols are switched from what they were before.
- Improved enemy pathfinding in the forest.

May 4, 2014
- All enchantment scrolls have been raised one tier. This makes confusion a tier 2 scroll, and makes it almost the same level it was before it was lowered (twice!). For the moment, there is no tier one enchantment scroll, but that hole should be filled in next week's update. It will be a common and weak scroll (much like wake used to be).
- The 'wake' scroll has been renamed to 'awareness', and now has a 50% chance of dispelling confusion (as well as the original 100% chance of dispelling sleep).
- Rage now only resists silence 50% of the time.
- Fixed a problem with trading that caused the server to crash.

May 2, 2014
- Friday update!
- A player may now sell one item at a time safely to another player. For example, let's say a player named 'Testseller' wanted to sell an item to a player named 'Testbuyer' for 100 gold. Testseller would say 'sell Testbuyer 100'. After issuing this command, the next item Testseller drops will be offered to Testbuyer for 100 gold. This item is safe for two minutes as long as Testseller stays close to it. Testbuyer can examine the item and see the offer by clicking on the item. If Testbuyer agrees to the deal, Testbuyer can say 'pay Testseller 100'. Once purchased, only Testbuyer is allowed to pick up the item, but it is only safe for 20 seconds.
- Most scroll magic levels have changed for consistency across scroll tiers.
- Gurun now buys and sells tier 3 scrolls.
- Poison cloud damage is slightly increased.
- Fixed problem where attacking an unfriendly would give wanted time and infamy if that player turned friendly and then died.

April 25, 2014
- Friday update!
- Added one new high level item (drop, not rare).
- Resurrection now only works on friends (if friendly) or allies (always).
- When a player is eligible for resurrection, there is now a hint indicating that they can makecamp to avoid being resurrected.
- Resurrection now only works after the player has been dead for at least ten seconds.
- Fixed some display problems with resurrection.
- Fixed a problem with the HTML5 client. This should fix a problem with occasional disconnects when using the HTML5 client. There was a change to the way network packets are sent, so if you use the HTML5 client, please let me know if the performance seems better or worse.

April 19, 2014
- If a player is in a guild vault but they are no longer a member of that guild, they cannot pick up anything (unless they dropped the item or the item is engraved to them).

April 18, 2014
- Friday update!
- Added two new high level items (drops, not rare).
- Increased effectiveness of the potion of restoration.
- Got rid of the extra 's' on guild ranks.
- Reduced the power of the fire blast scroll.

April 9, 2014
- Added the 500 day membership reward.
- Terror shield now always glows when fearing.
- Increased the maximum amount Gurun will pay for an item to 2500 gold.

April 4, 2014
- Friday update!
- Added one new high level item (drop, not rare).
- Fear shield no longer causes wanted time when fearing.

March 28, 2014
- Friday update!
- Added two new high level items (drops, not rare).
- When viewing 'spells', there is now a number indicating how many spells you are able to advance. This number is only present if there is at least once advancement available.
- The first time a spell is cast (in your school of magic), you will always learn it, even if there are no spell advancements available.
- Upped the maximum amount Gurun will pay for an item to 2000 gold, and upped the minimum to 5 gold.

March 26, 2014
Just wanted to let everyone know that the shop at Gurun's has dynamic pricing. He will raise the price of an item if he is low on stock and lower the price if he is overstocked. I am hoping that eventually the prices will stabilize at a level where he has stock in everything. His prices started low, but have risen quite a bit so far. Some examples of what he will pay for items now: Wake scroll: 170, Summon Wolf scroll: 210, Stone skin potion 400, Absinthe potion 420, Charging potion: 650, Concealment scroll: 800. If you have any extra potions or scrolls and need extra gold, go check it out! If you don't like his prices, try again later.

March 21, 2014
- Friday update!
- Added two new high level items (drops, not rare).
- Guild leaders may now set the number of ranks a guild has by using the new command 'guildranks X' where X is between 2 and 8. If X is not specified, the command shows all of the guild's current ranks. Any guild member may show the ranks. The default guild rank names have been changed and are now "Leader", "Advisor", "Officer", "Veteran", "Associate", "Initiate", "Pledge", and "Observer". The default number of ranks is still five, from "Leader" to "Associate".
- Added the guild command 'guildinviterank X', which sets the guild rank that is required to invite or remove guild members. For example, to restrict guild invites and removals to the leader only, say 'guildinviterank 1'. To allow anyone in the guild to invite or remove others, say 'guildinviterank 8' (or whatever the number of guild ranks is). Regardless of the setting, players may only remove others lower than their own rank. The default guild invite rank is 4 (Veteran).
- Added the guild command 'guildpromoterank X', which sets the guild rank that is required to promote or demote guild members. For example, to restrict promotion and demotion to the leader only, say 'guildpromoterank 1'. To allow anyone in the guild to promote or demote others, say 'guildpromoterank 8' (or whatever the number of guild ranks is). Regardless of the setting, players may only promote to one rank lower than themselves, and may only demote others lower than their own rank. The default promote rank is 3 (Officer).

March 16, 2014
- In guild vaults, item recall scrolls no longer recall items that are on the ground or in structures.

March 14, 2014
- Friday update!
- Expanded one of the NPCs.
- Guild vaults now have some protection. Players are not allowed to pick up any item that is part of a structure that contains an item that is engraved to another guild member of equal or higher rank. In other words, guild members can "lock" structures (to all lower ranks) by placing an engraved item somewhere in the structure. Even in locked structures, players may pick up items they dropped, and they may always take items engraved to themselves. Please do some testing before placing items of very high value in locked structures!
- Minotaurs are now careful in vaults (guild and player), and will not knock over structures.
- Switched the levels of the summon bats scroll and confuse scroll. Now, all tier two scrolls require a higher level than all tier one scrolls.
- Players can now carry 25000 gold without dropping any.

March 8, 2014
- Friday update on Saturday!
- Guilds can now be created and upgraded in the Aberoth store.
- Bitcoins are now accepted in the Aberoth store.
- Added a new highest spell specialization level.
- Doubled the amount of gold that can be carried in a coin pouch.

March 1, 2014
- Friday update on Saturday!
- You can now gamble with Darklow. Darklow's coins are fair, but he expects to make a profit based on his payouts.
- Saying "guild" to Gomald no longer makes him offer a guild vault. You must now say "guild vault".
- Fixed a possible problem with the white wolf quest.

February 22, 2014
- Friday update on Saturday!
- Guild vaults are now available. Only guild members are allowed in guild vaults.
- Gold is now persistent across server reboots, and is now never deleted. Gold in vaults is no longer added to your bank balance, and will not be counted toward the high score. Individual gold piles may now contain a maximum of 500 gold pieces, and smaller piles will merge with each other when dropped. Piles with more gold are brighter than those with less gold.
- You can no longer be pushed into someone else's vault. If pushed, you will go to your own vault.
- It is now much more difficult to block the main entrance to town form the outside.
- The number of permanent allies you have is now displayed when using the 'allies' command.

February 12, 2014
- The Aberoth server has moved. If you have trouble logging in, close all browsers and re-try. Let me know if you have problems logging in.

February 9, 2014
- The maximum number of permanent allies is now 40. Make sure to get your ally count down to 40 by Friday.
- The offhand is now a bit faster when weaponless or when wielding a dagger. This reduction is constant and does not depend on dagger skill. The goal is to make a dagger in the offhand a viable alternative to a shield.

February 7, 2014
- Friday update!
- Added the command 'guildprivacy' which may be used by a guild leader to toggle the privacy of the guild. All guilds are set to private by default. A public guild will have guild member names and ranks displayed on the guilds web page, by clicking on the guild name link. The guild motto will also be displayed. It may take up to 15 minutes for a privacy change to be reflected on the guild web page.
- Added the command 'guildmotto'. The guild leader may use this command to set a motto or slogan for the guild. This can be anything up to 100 characters long. Any guild member may use this command to see the guild motto. The guild motto appears on the guild information web page if the guild is public.
- Increased the amount of gold a player can safely carry to 10000, and reduced by more than half the amount dropped if over.
- The special dagger bonus is no longer off hand speed, but is backstab ability. A successful backstab does double damage, and is represented by double parenthesis, double brackets, or double braces.
- Players can now see the health of guildmates.
- The number of allies is now limited to 25. There is no limit to the number of temporary allies you may have. Please reduce your allies to 25. Anyone with more than 25 allies by next week's update will have all allies cleared.
- Tavelor's engraving table is now a protected area, and even allies cannot pick up items you drop there (unless you leave the area or wait a very long time). This rule now also applies to all shops.
- The amount of gold recently picked up or dropped is now displayed. If it does not change for 3 seconds, it is added or subtracted from your gold total.
- A player must still be a member of the guild for the guild to take revenge for that players death.
- If a player is invisible and you click on their equipment, their name is not revealed.

January 31, 2014
- Friday update!
- Added the 450 day membership reward.
- The scroll of item recall now recalls items engraved to the guild as well as items engraved to guildmates of the caster. Items can only be recalled if they are on the ground or being carried by someone other than the owner.
- Guilds without a leader can no longer function forever. Any guild that is leaderless for 7 days (real life time) is disbanded.
- Fixed a troublesome pixel in the Grand Shaman zone.

January 24, 2014
- Friday update!
- You can now see what guilds players are in by clicking on them.
- If someone unjustly killed someone in you guild within the last 24 hours (real time), they will be orange to you and you can kill them without penalty.
- If someone is carrying one of your guildmate's items, they will be orange to you and you can kill them without penalty.
- You can now engrave items with the name of your guild. Say 'guildengrave' while at the tavern before dropping your items on the table, and they will be engraved to your guild. Any member of the guild may engrave items for the guild, but you must be rank Officer (2nd rank) or higher to unengrave guild items. Any guild member may use guild items as if they were engraved to them. Non guild members who carry guild items will appear orange and can be attacked.
- I did not forget about the 450 day membership reward. It will probably be ready next Friday.

January 17, 2014
- Friday update!
- Guilds have been added. Currently they have no effect in the game, but guilds are now included in the high scores. Guild effects should be coming next week.
- Tavelor can help you set up a guild.
- See the help page for all guild commands.
- Anyone can join or leave any guild at any time, but only Aberoth members can create guilds or become guild leaders. Each player may only be in one guild at a time. One player can create multiple guilds.
- Guild names may be 4-25 letters, with 4 words maximum.
- A guild leader my abdicate at any time, and may either choose a successor or not. If the leader does not choose a successor, the guild becomes leaderless, and anyone in the guild (who is an Aberoth member) can claim leadership immediately. A leader always becomes an Officer (2nd rank) after abdicating.
- Guild leaders may try out as many names as they like for their guild, but they cannot invite members until the name is finalized. Once finalized, the name cannot be changed. Only finalized guilds appear on the high score page.
- Guild leaders may rename the five guild ranks if they choose, and as many times as they like, even after the guild name is finalized. The defaults are Leader, Officer, Veteran, Associate, and Initiate.

January 10, 2014
- Friday update!
- After inviting someone to your vault, you cannot attack them for 10 seconds.
- If you carry more than 5000 gold, you have a chance of dropping some of it.

January 3, 2014
- First Friday update of the year!
- Expanded the forest slightly so that the world fits together properly.
- Scrolls now have a cool down time. Currently, all level 1 scrolls have a 5 second cool down and all level 2 scrolls have a 10 second cool down. However, in the future the cool downs for individual scrolls could be anything. Cool down time is halved for scrolls in your school of magic.
- Tavelor now engraves membership reward items, if possible.
- Members are now never locked out of playing, even if there are several other people on the same internet connection. Non members are now limited to two sessions at one time.
- The "Most Sinister" high score list has been updated. Previously, you would get credit for a kill, even if the kill was justified. Now, justified kills will not put you on the sinister list.
- Added the "bw" command, which will put the screen in black and white mode. This significantly reduces bandwidth, and should help people who lag severely at the grand shaman.

December 20, 2013
- Friday update!
- Added new quest, enemy, and item.
- Magic skill bonuses for comprehension and specialization are now displayed.

December 12, 2013
- Early Friday update!
- Expanded one of the areas.
- Fixed a bug where sometimes the "kill 20 thieves" quest could not be turned in.
- Fixed bold (for infamy) and italics (for casting) in the Javascript client.

December 6, 2013
- Friday update!
- Expanded two of the areas.
- Made Sholop work a little harder when his shop is overflowing with stuff.

November 30, 2013
- Friday update!
- Moved the server to fix the random crashes. If you cannot connect, please close all of your browser windows and try again.
- Added the 400 day membership reward.
- Members now receive a 10 gold discount when engraving.

November 22, 2013
- Friday update!
- Added a speech limiter to prevent players filling the screen with text. Please let me know if you ever hit the limit during normal conversation.
- Added the command "unally everyoneyesiamsure", which will remove everyone from your allies list.
- Added the command "tempally Name". This command is used exactly the same way as the ally command, but will temporarily ally you with someone. After logging off for at least 15 minutes, the next time you log on all of your temporary allies will be cleared. This command is useful when grouping with people who you don't want to permanently add to your allies list, and don't want to remember to manually remove later. Temporary allies have a star next to their name in your allies list. When becoming temporary allies, the person you ally with will not be informed that you are allying them temporarily.
- Invisible allies can no longer pick up stuff you drop right away, but have to wait as long as a non-ally.
- Allies no longer have special privileges to pick up crafting supplies or crafted items in shops.
- Some quest rewards were able to be picked up by other players. Now only the person completing the quest may pick up the rewards.

November 15, 2013
- Friday update!
- Enemy health is now shown as long as you are within 5 levels of the enemy, instead of only if the enemy was of a lower or equal level.
- Regular wolves now run slightly slower than a player.
- Lowered the master alchemist's table.
- Members may now heal more quickly at the inn by standing next to the fireplace.
- For non-members, added some messages describing the benefits of becoming a member.

November 9, 2013
- Friday update on Saturday!
- Expanded one of the low level areas.
- Added a new low level quest.
- Made several mobile client improvements including repositioning the move and attack buttons when holding the screen vertically, slightly increasing performance, and making the hints different when on mobile.

October 25, 2013
- Friday update!
- There is now a mobile version of Aberoth! Click here to try it. You can also access it through a link at the top of the main Aberoth page when using the HTML5 version. To get out of the mobile version, click the "Non Mobile" link on the bottom of the page.

October 18, 2013
- Friday update!
- Added 25 day and 350 day membership rewards.
- Removed the ability to fall out of town by climbing over the doorway.
- Added idk and :o emoticons.
- Purchased and installed a Java signing certificate so that players no longer get scary warnings when starting Aberoth in a web browser.

October 14, 2013
- Aberoth has moved to a new server! This should greatly reduce the frequency of the countdown pause and should mostly eliminate long pauses when moving between zones.
- Please let me know if you experience any problems.

October 11, 2013
- Friday update!
- There is now a profanity filter which is enabled by default. It can be turned on and off by saying "profanity".
- Mobs that resist sleep, confuse, and fear will now display the resistance text in [brackets] when resisting at 100%, and in (parenthesis) when resisting at less than 100%.
- Fixed a problem where the HTML5 client would be extremely sluggish after coming back from another tab (or from the minimized state).

October 3, 2013
- Friday update!
- Sholop and Lysis no longer buy or sell any engraved items.
- The "email" command now tells you the first 3 letters of your verified email.
- Fixed a problem where players could lag the server from the Tavern.
- (Saturday) Updated the HTML5 version of the client so that sounds always play the first time, and are also cached for improved performance.

September 27, 2013
- Friday update!
- Expanded a couple of the low level areas.

September 20, 2013
- Tiny Friday update!
- Made some performance improvements. Long loading times between zones should not happen as often now.

September 17, 2013
- Both of the hard drives failed in the Aberoth server last night. I did do a backup of the database at about 7:15 PM last night before the downtime started at 8:00 PM. Unfortunately, anyone who was playing between 7:15 and 8:00 will end up losing (or gaining!) whatever happened during that time. Sorry!
- Everything should be working normally now.

September 13, 2013
- Friday update!
- When you die, the game now keeps track of what your xp was before you died. You will then gain double xp in your focused skill until you reach the max xp that you ever had. Your xp progress bar will become purple while you are in this recovery state. This xp gain stacks with being well rested from the inn, so if you are recovering and are well rested, you will receive four times the normal xp until you reach the highest xp that you ever had. This change is intended to help people from going backwards in skill levels. Non focused skills do not receive any bonus, but their max is remembered as well. So, if you later change focus, and that skill is lower than its highest ever level, you will gain double xp until that level is reached.
- Added an 'email' command so that you can check to see if your account is secured with a verified email. Also, if your email is not verified, a reminder is given after long logouts.
- Players are now given a comprehension boost of +3 to spells in their current school of magic.

September 8, 2013
- Late Friday update!
- Added one new item. This item is a common drop, and was actually added mid-week. It has already been discovered.
- Players can now secure their Aberoth accounts by adding a verified email address. Once you set a verified email address, you will be able to reset your password if it is lost or stolen. You will also be sent an email when your password is changed in the game, to alert you of potentially unauthorized password changes. The link to secure your account is on the log in page. Please secure your accounts!

August 30, 2013
- Friday update!
- You can now gain experience and levels while polymorphed. Every possible polymorph creature permanently retains its own experience and skill levels.
- Fixed the messages when clicking in a shop or at the lost and found. Before, the item did not always match the click location.
- Names of allies are no longer gray, but are white like everyone else. Allies may now also have orange names (for all the usual reasons).
- Summoned creatures are no longer permanent, and will despawn in about 5 hours game time. Also, they can no longer be named or commanded. However, the maximum number of summoned creatures has been increased. No changes have been made to tamed (non-summoned) pets.

August 22, 2013
- Friday update!
- NPCs now respond when you ask them about the moon.
- Shopkeepers no longer say anything special when selling your own engraved items (this text would sometimes overwrite other information about sold items).

August 13, 2013
- Late / early Friday update (there will be no Friday update later this week)!
- Added additional special things that happen when the moon is full or new.
- Added the 300 day membership reward.
- Changed the dagger skill from the confusing "reduction in off-hand penalty" to "increase in off-hand speed".

August 4, 2013
- Fixed slow respawns of enemies. Respawns all took twice the time they should have.

August 3, 2013
- Late Friday update!
- Added a few special things that happen when the moon is full or new.
- Sholop no longer crafts a 3 bag with a 4 or 5 belt. In addition, Sholop still buys, but no longer keeps alchemist belts in his shop. These changes should make accidental 3 bag crafting very rare.
- You now have to say "upgrade" to Gomald to upgrade your vault. This will help prevent accidental vault upgrades.
- Hint: All 5 remaining undiscovered items are crafted, and there are no special tricks needed to make them.

July 26, 2013
- Friday update!
- Added moon phases, which are currently only cosmetic.

July 19, 2013
- Friday update!
- Added two new items (uncommon drops).
- Added lore for the new area.
- Fixed the look of the disease resist amulet when on the ground (every level of amulet should look different).
- Implemented a new looting feature. With this new feature, if there are items that have dropped that more than one person is entitled to (for example from a mob that multiple people killed, or from a chest whose boss was killed by multiple people), each person will only be able to pick up items at a rate of three per second. This effect might not be very noticeable, but is intended to allow more equitable loot sharing in cases where a player has a slow connection, a player is a super fast clicker, a player is using a click/mouse macro, etc. This feature only applies to items: there is no limit to how fast gold may be picked up, and picking up gold does not limit item pickup in any way.

July 12, 2013
- Friday update!
- Added a new crafted item.
- Rage now gives partial fear resistance.

July 10, 2013
- Fixed door inside new area, this time for real.
- Quest reward items (including membership quest rewards) can now only be picked up by the person who completed the quest. After two minutes, or if the intended recipient moves 20 feet away, anyone may pick up the items.

July 9, 2013
- Fixed door inside new area.
- When inside a shop, items that you drop cannot be picked up by non-allies for two minutes, assuming you stay within 20 feet of the items.
- Crafted items may now only be bought by whomever supplied the materials, or their allies, for two minutes, providing you stay within 20 feet of the crafted item.

July 5, 2013
- Actual Friday update!
- Added the 250 day membership reward. Also, I plan on still giving rewards every 50 days, but from now on I will not use placeholder rewards. You will only see when the next reward is due once it is actually implemented in the game.
- Gave the new area boss slightly more hit points and upped the xp he gives.
- Made some other minor tweaks to the new area.

July 4, 2013
- Early Friday update!
- Added new high level area and 9 new items.

June 14, 2013
- Friday Update!
- Fixed problem that other people could hear you talk while underwater.
- Fixed a problem in the HTML5 client where you would be disconnected if the browser did not have focus or was in another tab.

June 10, 2013
- An update has been made to the server so that Tavelor now remembers when items were dropped in his lost and found, even between server resets.
- I also made some slight adjustments to the unengrave times. The unengrave time is based on the item's retail value. All times below are real life time (Tavelor tells you the equivalent game time when you drop an item):

0 - 49 gold: 1 day
50 - 99 gold: 2 days
100 - 199 gold: 3 days
200 - 499 gold: 4 days
500 - 999 gold: 5 days
> 999 gold: 6 days

These times are minimum. Each item also has its own random adjustment of up to 1 day added to the time. So, the times listed above are start times, and all items in each value tier will be unengraved randomly throughout the following 24 hours.

June 07, 2013
- Friday Update!
- Sounds can now stop while playing. For example, if you close a door while it is opening, the opening sound will stop and not continue to play as the door closes.
- Increased the "abandon" distance when dropping an item from 10 feet to 20 feet. Once you move this distance from an item you have dropped, anyone can pick it up, even if they are not your ally and 5 seconds have not passed.
- Still working on that new area!

May 30, 2013
- Early Friday Update!
- Aberoth no longer requires Java to run. There is now a version of the client that uses HTML5. To try it out, just go to as a new user and click the "try the HTML5 client" link. Click the "more information" link to see if your browser is supported. Please let me know at if you run into any problems with the HTML5 client.
- I working on a new area, but it is not quite ready yet.

May 18, 2013
- Friday Update on Saturday!
- Added a new (rare) item.
- Fixed names getting stuck at zone entrances.
- Fixed the punch sound when fighting bare handed.
- Fixed problem where the confusion '(?)' would go away after zoning.

May 11, 2013
- Friday Update on Saturday!
- Added the 200 day membership reward.

April 26, 2013
- Friday Update!
- Belt buckles are now visible on tall players.
- Infamous players can no longer camp faster than non infamous players.
- Fixed a problem where after a client game/pc crash or network disconnect, the player would not make camp.
- Made it so that players cannot go through the invisible wall on top of the castle (hopefully, please let me know if you can still make it through).
- Fixed a problem where the launcher (Aberoth.exe) would not launch. If it was broken for you, please download the new version here.
- Fixed a problem where the server would slow down then crash after running for a while.

April 12, 2013
- Friday update!
- Expanded and cleaned up one of the areas.
- Pet wolves are no longer afraid of Wodon.
- Wolves are now less likely to escape enclosed areas in vaults.
- It is no longer possible to use potions underwater.

March 29, 2013
- Friday Update!
- If you are polymorphed, you can now understand creatures that are the same as you.
- Moved Darklow's shop to make the map more consistent.

March 22, 2013
- Friday Update!
- Added two new items. One is a new rare drop, the other is a 150 day membership reward.
- Poison can no longer be delivered on misses.
- Learned spells are now listed in order of how well they are learned.
- Fixed a bug where rings would not show their stats right away when worn.
- The white wolf can now be successfully confused.

March 17, 2013
- Super late Friday Update!
- Added a small new area (no new items).

March 08, 2013
- Friday Update!
- Added three new items (two drops, one crafted).

March 01, 2013
- Friday Update!
- Expanded one of the areas, yet again! Sadly, there are no new mobs or items.
- It is now possible to drown.
- Tavelor now tells you if you have anything in his lost and found when you click on something in the lost and found.

February 22, 2013
- Friday Update!
- Expanded one of the areas.
- Perception now lets you see the hit points of your enemies.
- Lysis now buys and sells poison.

February 17, 2013
- Made several modifications to the 'archenemy' command. Now, you can always immediately 'unarchenemy', but you must wait one game week for a new archenemy to become active. Also, other players that have picked you as their archenemy now appear orange to you, and you can attack them without penalty. Finally, you now have to be level 10 life to declare an archenemy. Because of these changes, all current archenemies have been cleared.
- Clicking on a player now reveals archenemy status (if any) and if they killed you recently. With this change, any time a player is orange to you, you can find out why by clicking on them.
- The chance for each engraved item to drop on death has been lowered to 20% from 25%
- You can now use emoticons. Currently supported emoticons are smile, frown, wink, laugh, grin, and cry. Let me know if there is a missing emoticon you like, and I might add it.
- Added the commands 'ignore Name' and 'unignore Name'. If you are tired of listening to someone for whatever reason, just say 'ignore Name'. You may also use the special commands 'ignore everyone' or 'ignore noone'. These special commands can be toggled whenever you like. When active, they override the players in the ignore list, but do not wipe them out. Saying 'ignore' with no name shows you your current ignore list.

February 15, 2013
- Friday Update!
- Added a new command 'archenemy name'. Any player may pick exactly one other player to be their archenemy. Your archenemy will appear orange to you, and you may attack them at any time without becoming wanted or gaining infamy. If your archenemy has also picked you as their archenemy, you will appear red to each other and may attack each other at will. You can clear your archenemy with the command 'unarchenemy'. You may only change your archenemy once per in-game week. Please see the 'archenemy' section of the help page for more information.
- Allies can no longer pick up items from your vault. To allow someone to pick up items in your vault, you must use the new command 'vaulttrust name'. Only players that have been explicitly added by this command can take items from your vault, and you also must be present for them to take items. You may 'unvaulttrust name' anyone at any time. You can see who you currently trust with the command 'vaulttrust'
- Increased xp loss when dying for low level players to make it more consistent with the xp loss suffered by high level players. This change only affects skills below level 10.
- Made some server performance improvements.

February 10, 2013
- Super late Friday update!
- Added new area.
- Added new enemy.
- Added two new items.

February 01, 2013
- Friday Update!
- Added the ability for players to change their name. If you see someone with a '*' after their name, it means it was changed within the last week. You can see all past name changes by checking the name changes page.
- Updated the tree graphics.

January 25, 2013
- Small Friday update this week.
- Fixed a few things at the Grand Shaman.
- Different scrolls of the same school are now slightly different colors on the ground.

January 18, 2013
- Friday Update!
- Moved the area that was added last week.
- Fixed shadows when standing on top of things.
- There is now a limit to the number of summoned pets you can have at once. There is still no limit on tamed pets.
- Perfect cast bonuses are now displayed when you say 'spells'.

January 11, 2013
- Friday Update!
- Expanded one of the areas.
- Added a new enemy.
- Added two new items.
- Players now have a shadow, and also have the proper shadow when polymorphed.
- You can now always turn unfriendly when polymorphed, regardless of life level.

January 04, 2013
- Friday Update!
- Added a cosmetic update to the town.
- Added rewards for being a member. If you are a member, you now get rewards (mostly cosmetic) after 50 days of being a member, 100 days, and every additional 100 days after that. Say 'membership' to see when your next reward is.
- Fixed the updater for the stand alone version.
- The red and green colors in the hp bar for enemies and allies are now semi-transparent.

January 01, 2013
- Happy New Year!
- I made an update to the client. If your colors are strange and you are using the downloadable client, you might need to manually update it from the download page. If you are using the browser version and are having trouble, close all browser windows and try again.

December 28, 2012
- Happy holidays everyone!
- Sorry, no Friday update this week.

December 21, 2012
- Friday update!
- Added a bunch of new sounds.
- If someone kills you, you can now kill them for the next 24 real life hours without becoming wanted.
- The names of players who you can kill without becoming wanted or gaining infamy are now orange. This includes players who are carrying your items and players who have killed you recently. You still must become unfriendly to attack orange players.
- Players can no longer teleport into jail.
- You can now ask Gomald 'who' to see who is in their vault.
- Fixed the shadow at the entrance of Ourik's room.
- If you have a free vault upgrade from a membership and you attempt to upgrade your vault at Gomald's, you are now given a hint on how to use your upgrade.

December 14, 2012
- Friday update!
- Added one new item.
- Potions and scrolls will now go into bags and books before the belt, but only if the bag or book is open.
- Added shadows for certain things in the game (mostly flying stuff).
- Lysis now gives three pots for a pink rabbet pelt or white wolf pelt.
- Members can now see how long they have been a member by typing 'membership'. I am considering adding rewards (mostly cosmetic) that will be given out at different lengths of membership. For example, one might gain the ability to grow a beard after a year of membership. If your membership expires, you will not lose any accumulated membership days, they will just stop increasing until you become a member again.

December 7, 2012
- Friday update!
- Added two new items.
- Darklow now buys bat ears.
- Fixed a problem where a burning ember would do zero damage.

November 30, 2012
- Friday update!
- Added two new quests.

November 25, 2012
- Made certain low level scrolls easier to find.

November 24, 2012
- When focused on a certain skill, it is possible to become mentally fatigued. You can get rid of mental fatigue by waiting (slow recovery) or by fighting enemies (fast recovery). When fatigued, the experience you gain is only a fraction of the normal full experience. The state of your fatigue is indicated by the color of the xp bar. If the xp bar is dark red, it means that your experience gain is between 0% and 25% of normal. If light red, 25%-50%. Orange, 50% to 75%. Yellow 75%-99%. Gray (or green if well rested), 100%.

November 22, 2012
- Early Friday update. Happy Holidays!
- Added a small but important new area.

November 18, 2012
- Friday update, late!
- There is now a jail in town, which is in the recovery area. Anyone who dies while infamous is thrown in jail until they are no longer infamous.
- Anyone who is not wanted may visit the jail and recovery room.
- You must now be life level five to turn unfriendly.
- Scrolls now have a 2 second cool down (it used to be 1 second).
- If you right click a belt or any secondary container (strap, rope, alchemist bag, spellbook), the first right click will only empty the container/belt. A second right click will drop the container/belt itself.
- Fixed a case where you could become infamous by hitting an invisible player.
- Fixed a visual glitch with the Grand Shaman's hood.

November 9, 2012
- Friday update!
- Updated the starting orc prison.
- Gomald now has additional vault upgrades available.
- Changed memberships slightly so that every membership receives customizations or upgrades, not just new memberships. I added vault and customization credits to anyone who already bought a membership but would have been better off under the new system.
- Improved preservation amulet slightly.

November 3, 2012
- Friday update!
- All members now receive one free vault upgrade and one free character customization. If you already have the biggest vault, you can still use your credit when a larger vault becomes available. You can redeem your upgrade and customization in the store.
- Created a stand alone version of the client for Windows, OS X, and Linux. You can get it here.
- Rewrote parts of the sound processing. If you had trouble with sound before (performance problems, popping, or bad sound) try it again to see if it is better new.
- Increased the key ring capacity.
- Darklow now buys scalps.

October 26, 2012
- Friday update!
- Added a new item (rare drop).
- Bats and rats are no longer affected by retaliation damage from spiked shield and horned helm.

October 19, 2012
- Friday update!
- Slightly reduced the experience penalty for dying.
- Duels now end when one player reaches 10% of their maximum health, instead of one hit point.
- Added an inn to Tavelor's tavern. If you makecamp inside the inn, when you log on later you will be well rested and earn double experience in your focused skill. While you are earning double experience, your xp bar will be a greenish color. When you say 'skills', you will be able to see how well rested you are (0-100%). As long as you are well rested at all, you will earn double xp. The percentage is approximately how much more experience you will earn at the double rate, where 100% is a full level. The longer you rest in the inn, the more well rested you become.
- To stay at the inn, you must become a member of Aberoth by purchasing a membership from the store. There are several different lengths of memberships available.

October 12, 2012
- Friday update!
- Added three new items (drops).
- Increased resting bonus from 6 to 8 hp/min.
- Fixed problem where previously invisible players got stuck in the enemy status position.
- You can now read a maximum of one scroll per second.
- You can now push confused unfriendly players.
- You can now tame bats.
- Changed iron detection to metal detection.
- Increased the respawn time of the doorkeeper orc on the main level.

October 5, 2012
- Friday (Hawaii time) update!
- Added a new area.
- Added five new items (all drops).
- Iron detection now works for items in different rooms.
- Fixed problem where you could sometimes hear a door opening or closing in the distance.

September 28, 2012
- No Friday update this week. I am working on a new area, which should be ready by next Friday.

September 21, 2012
- Friday update!
- Expanded one of the areas.
- Added a new high level quest.
- Added a new item.
- There is now a three second period after drinking a potion that you cannot drink another one (you are too full).
- You no longer become wanted or get infamy from attacking an invisible player.

September 14, 2012
- Friday update!
- Added a new item (somewhat rare drop).
- Dueling now does not make you wanted.
- Fixed excessive memory usage in the game client.

September 7, 2012
- Friday update!
- Added three new items. All are somewhat rare drops.
- If you stand still for ten seconds, you will now automatically 'rest'. While resting, you heal faster. Moving or fighting stops you resting, but other actions do not. When resting, there is a second white bar visible in your health meter.
- You can now hold scalps with a rope (by threading the rope through the scalps).

August 31, 2012
- Friday update!
- Added two new items. Both are somewhat rare drops.
- I added Aberoth to the Steam Greenlight program to see if I can get Aberoth on Steam. If you have Steam, you can check out the Greenlight entry for Aberoth here.

August 24, 2012
- Friday update!
- Added a new item (common drop).
- Added extra capability to the potion of perception.
- Re-organized the very start of the game.
- Potion of charging now gives drinking experience.

August 17, 2012
- Friday update!
- Added two new items (one common drop, one crafted).
- Added a new low level area.
- Added a new low level quest.
- Made the starting area and bats easier.
- You can now pick up sleeping bats (but they cannot be tamed).
- Fixed issue where trying to face an enemy caused you run far in the opposite direction.

August 10, 2012
- Friday update!
- Added a new low level mob.
- Dusk is now tinted red to differentiate it from dawn.
- Wodon no longer charges for quest rewards.
- Lysis now gives a message when you buy a disease resist amulet.
- The blue bee shell now fits in the pouch.
- Poison now has a small chance of working even without a solid hit.

August 3, 2012
- No Friday update this week, sorry! I have been on vacation most of the week so did not have time to work on an update. I do expect Friday updates to resume next week, however.

July 27, 2012
- Friday update, noobie edition!
- The orc at the beginning is now always weaponless and starts on the west side of the door.
- Made it easier to hit enemies, especially bees and rabbits.
- It now costs 10 gold for the life skill, down from 25.
- Added some in game hints about engraving items.
- Slightly sped up your off hand if it is weaponless.
- When fighting with your back to an enemy, you can now turn around to face it.
- Expanded the rogue den slightly and added a few more rogues.
- Removed the arbitrary invisible boundaries in the orc field.
- Updated the help page to include a section on engraving and the lost and found.

July 21, 2012
- When doing the white wolf quest, the player is now shown the progress of the quest, and is notified if a wolf escapes.
- All NPCs dialog that references time has been converted to game time. If an NPC tells you something will take an hour, it will take six minutes in real life.
- You can now ask the NPCs what time it is.

July 20, 2012
- Friday update!
- Added two new items. One is a rare drop and one is a common drop.
- Added a day/night cycle. Time in the game is 10 times shorter than real life: one hour in game is six minutes in real life. For now, the day/night cycle is mostly cosmetic.
- Slightly nerfed shields and made a small improvement to the dark dagger.
- Added several new sounds.
- Fixed a problem where some long sounds (like potion drinking) would not play.
- Made the door to the thieves wider.
- Made shoes and horn look more different.

July 15, 2012
- I received a bunch of postcards today, thanks! If you sent one, say 'quests' and you should see your new quest.

July 13, 2012
- Friday update!
- All long and skinny items can now be held in the strap.
- Wodon now accepts pipes as a satyr weapon.
- While holding the 'f' key to fight, clicking with the mouse no longer stops you fighting.
- You can now remove your boots in someone else's vault.
- You now can't push the person you are dueling, or turn unfriendly while dueling.
- You now can't steal rabbits from other people's vaults.

July 6, 2012
- Friday update!
- Added the 'duel' command, which lets you duel another player. The duel ends when one player has only one hit point left or someone leaves the zone. You duel someone by saying 'duel name'. If a NPC is present, you can wager on the duel by saying 'duel name 100'. The NPC will pay the winner the amount bet. You may duel multiple people at the same time.
- Added a new secret item, but you have to send me a postcard to get it. See the 'store' page for details.

June 29, 2012
- Friday update!
- Expanded a low level area.
- Added new low level quest.
- Added new item.
- Fixed mob name flickering.
- Fixed a bug where dying while wearing an engraved amulet left a ghost torso.

June 22, 2012
- Friday update!
- You can now see amulets on players and enemies. If you want to show your amulet, click on the amulet icon. If you want to hide your amulet inside your shirt, click on the icon again.
- Fixed a bug where a shopkeeper could charge you multiple times for the same item.
- Added additional payment options in the store for those who do not wish to use PayPal or a credit card.

June 15, 2012
- Friday update!
- Two new items have been added (one crafted, one a fairly common drop).
- Fixed loss of hp when zoning with the bee shield.
- Wodon now buys shoes and axes.
- Darklow will no longer rush to unengrave items.
- MT is now a bit harder (faster when fleeing, can open maze door).
- Fixed dupe bug when MT stole an item and the player zoned.
- Fixed a bug where the player would sometimes get stuck moving diagonally.
- Added a behavior when polymorphed as a minotaur (for consistancy with the real minotaur).
- Fixed a bug where commands with spaces would invoke the command (for example "all y" for "ally").
- Reduced lag when sound is enabled.
- Disabled picking up items when in a different room (for example, taking potions behind Ourik's wall while standing outside).
- Added a title image to the Aberoth home page.

June 8, 2012
- Friday update!
- A new enemy has been added.
- A new item has been added (rare drop).

June 1, 2012
- Friday update!
- 5 new items have been added (3 drops, 2 crafted)
- The minotaur axe now requires only 20 axe skill (down from 25).
- The minotaur can now push people and break through item walls.
- Fixed the problem where people could not log in even though the server was empty.

May 25, 2012
- Friday update!
- New area added. Be careful, it is high level.
- 8 new items.
- 2 new enemies.
- 1 new quest.
- Increased dagger speed in off hand by 10%. This is in addition to the dagger skill speed up.
- Slightly decreased block rates for shield in certain directions. Shield block rates depend on the direction you are hit from relative to where you are hoding the shield. The full skill block percentage is given when you are hit from the side that has the shield.
- Fixed problem with placing items on top of doors.
- Fixed problem with server reporting it is full when it is not.
- You can now always see a boss monster's hp regardless of its level relative to yours.
- There is now a limit to how fast you can click the mouse buttons. The rate is high and should not limit fast manual clicking. The limit is only intended to prevent mouse macros.

May 19, 2012
- No Friday update again, sorry! However, I have made great progress on the new area, and expect it to be ready for next Friday's update.

May 11, 2012
- No Friday update today, sorry! I have been busy with the new high level area, but it is not quite ready yet.

May 04, 2012
- Friday update!
- Added two additional heights for character customization. Belts and sashes can now be worn while customizing.
- Picking up non-usable items now puts them in your bag and sub-containers first, rather than your belt.
- When zoning, if you keep the keys pressed you will continue running instead of stopping in the new zone.
- Added a a hotkey 'i' (for inventory) which will open and close your main bag.
- Fixed a problem with the travelers belt with the short model.

April 27, 2012
- Friday update!
- It is now a harder to get totally stuck.
- Raised several door heights to allow for tall players.
- Fixed a problem that could cause long pauses (20+ seconds).
- Worked on new high level area. It should be ready in a week or two.

April 20, 2012
- Friday update!
- There is a new start to the game when creating a new character.
- Added a bunch of new sounds.
- Enabling or disabling sound now works properly.

April 13, 2012
- Friday update!
- A new noobie area has been added.
- Inala now has a new first quest.
- Fixed a problem where sometimes the player would get stuck running in one direction.
- You can no longer block when you are incapacitated.
- Skill "proficiency", which was changed to "attack", has been renamed yet again, this time to "accuracy".

April 6, 2012
- Friday update!
- You may now customize your character's height and shirt type in addition to gender, handedness, and colors. You can test it out at the store.
- Weapon skills now have a unique benefit in addition to increasing your attack. Attack is the new name for proficiency rating.
- Fixed many problems in the forest where you could get stuck even where there was not a tree.
- Aberoth is now running on a new server! The new server and its internet connection are much faster than the old one. Hopefully the days of horrible unexplained lag are behind us. The occasional several second pauses for Java garbage collection are still expected (you will see a countdown).

March 31, 2012
- Friday update!
- Added a new NPC.

March 23, 2012
- Friday update!
- Expanded one of the areas.
- Added more decorations to the Orc cave.

March 16, 2012
- Friday update!
- Added some decorations to the tavern and Ourik's chamber.
- Fixed bug where spiked shield did not slip with no shield skill.

March 2, 2012
- No Friday update today, sorry!
- There will probably not be a Friday update next week either, as I am very busy with real life responsibilities right now. However, I have not given up on Friday updates, and I expect them to resume after next week.

February 26, 2012
- Gloves and belts are now protected in player vaults.
- Fixed a problem where enemies had lots of potions when restarting the game server.
- Polymorph now does not wear off when camping, unless you log off for an extended period of time, which is currently defined as fifteen minutes.

February 24, 2012
- Friday update!
- New item added (drop, fairly common).
- Items in your vault are now protected and cannot be picked up by anyone who is not your ally.
- Added support for European languages (accented letters). However, player names must still only use the 26 English letters.
- You may now toggle the hotkeys by saying 'hotkeys'.
- You may now use '=' in as well as '+' to increase the volume.
- Made some client code optimizations. If the game is behaving strangely, close all your browser windows and try again.

February 17, 2012
- Friday update!
- New item added (drop).
- Expanded the range of potions that mobs can drink.
- You can now see your infamy level by saying 'infamy'. Also, every kill is now worth one infamy point. Infamy is still calculated on a rolling 24 hour basis.
- Fixed feet showing up when zoning while invisible.

February 10, 2012
- Friday update!
- Added many new sounds.
- Knives can now be bundled with clubs in the leather strap.
- Fixed a bug that caused the server to crash twice last week.

February 4, 2012
- Friday update on Saturday!
- Any item dropped by a player may not be picked up by any other player for five seconds, unless that player is an ally.
- Any item dropped by a killed mob may only be picked up by players involved in the kill (for five seconds).
- When Tavelor unengraves an item, now only the original owner can pick it up (for five seconds).
- Tavelor now makes engraving and unengraving items a priority.
- You may no longer camp in dangerous areas. If you try, you will instead attempt to sneak out of danger, which takes one minute.
- Made some server performance improvements (but this will not fix the network lag problems).
- You will now camp within a few minutes of inactivity in the recovery room.

January 27, 2012
- Friday update!
- One of the areas has been expanded.
- A new item has been added.
- When you die, you now have a good chance of recovering most items engraved with your name. However, you will still drop all gold and unengraved items.
- While you are in the recovery room after dying, you are magically protected for a few minutes.
- Fixed a problem with shopkeepers (Darklow especially) unable to craft items.

January 20, 2012
- Friday update!
- A new area has been added.
- Pet wolf names now show up on their green hit point bar when they are attacked.
- The allies text now updates properly when you ally or unally.
- The effects of speed potions no longer stack.

January 16, 2012
- Please do not grief, especially noobs. The game needs new players to stay fresh.
- Please do not use multiple characters controlled by one person while player killing. It is not fair.
- Please do not use exploits, but instead report them to
- Thank you.

January 13, 2012
- Friday update!
- Added battle sounds.
- Built structures should now not collapse when the server is reset.
- When you drop something and someone else picks it up, you get a message telling you who picked it up.
- If you close your browser window or are disconnected from the server, your character will now begin to make camp after fifteen seconds. All normal make camp rules apply. In the past, the disconnected player was simply removed after 30 seconds.
- There may not be a Friday update for the next few weeks. I need to recharge my batteries!

January 7, 2012
- Friday update (a bit late)!
- Added sound. There is now a sound check box on the log in page. If checked, aberoth will run with sound. There are not too many sounds yet, but I will be adding a bunch more. If sound is enabled, you will get an applet warning. Since the sounds are so large, the need to be cached on the PC which cannot be done with the default unsigned Java applet.
- Press '+' or '-' to increase or decrease the sound volume.
- If you log out for a long time, you will make your way back to town for the next time you log in.
- Made a slight infamy adjustment.

December 30, 2011
- Friday update!
- Added an item (not crafted).
- There is now a limit to the number of characters you can play at the same time.
- Fixed a problem where the server would report it was full when it was not.
- Clarified the messages when becoming infamous.

December 23, 2011
- Friday update!
- You now see the health of your allies and pets if you are close to them and they get wounded.
- When there is detectable a server pause, a countdown will appear at the top of the screen that shows the estimated number of seconds the pause will last. During a server pause, nothing moves and you cannot get hurt, so it is best just to wait it out.
- Fixed wolf taming (the last update broke it).
- Fixed a bug where a strap was allowed in the 4 slot traveler's belt. Belts may not hold secondary containers.
- Made some network changes that hopefully reduce lag.

December 19, 2011
- If you attack a monster or player that is stronger than you, you will see how wounded they are. Weaker monsters and players are not considered a threat, so their status is not evaluated.

December 17, 2011
- Removed getting wanted for loot stealing (too many false positives).
- Fixed a problem where a player could die after being disconnected when the server was shutting down. Now players will not be disconnected until the zone is completely stopped.

December 16, 2011
- Friday update!
- Three new items have been added (none of them are crafted).
- A new quest has been added.
- Automatic gold collection and now works on chests.
- Players can now have resistances. Say 'resistances' to see your resistances.
- NPCs will now push friendly players out of the way.
- Fixed falling off the map in Lysis's hut.
- There is now a one minute camp time when if you are infamous.

December 11, 2011
- If you are pushed while lightly sleeping, you will wake up.
- Friendly allies are now light gray instead of light blue.
- When you kill someone that gives you more than the normal amount of infamy, a message is displayed.

December 9, 2011
- Friday update!
- By default, pet wolves will now stay in your vault unless commanded to 'heel'. This should finally fix the wolf escaping problem.
- The 'heel' command can now be used to stop your wolf from attacking.
- You may now order your wolves to 'attack'. They will still only attack unfriendlies.
- If you kill too many friends (in the previous 24 hours), you will become infamous and be banned from town. Attacking players that are much lower level than you or while in town gives extra infamy.
- You may now form alliances. To form an alliance, say 'ally Name'. Both people must use this command with each other's names to enter an alliance. Names of friendly allies are blue. Names of unfriendly allies are yellow. Once allied with someone, you cannot hurt them and they cannot hurt you, no matter if you are friendly or not. Anyone can break an alliance by saying 'unally Name'. To see who you are allied with, say 'allies'.
- You may now push people out of your way by running into them. Unfriendlies will resist and cannot be pushed.

December 2, 2011
- Friday update!
- One of the areas has been expanded.
- Two new items have been added (dropped).
- Two new enemies have been added.

November 25, 2011
- Friday update!
- One of the areas has been expanded.
- A new item has been added (crafted).
- Made it harder to drop your belt by accident.
- Players can no longer become invisible forever.

November 20, 2011
- The wand of sleep now performs a light sleep. If lightly sleeping, any damage will wake you up. The satyr lullaby still causes a deep sleep.
- If you fall asleep while hiding and then try to hide again right away, you will fall asleep again very quickly.

November 18, 2011
- Friday update!
- One of the areas has been expanded.
- The default inventory is now four items instead of three. All sack capacities have also been increased by one item.
- When you use an item (like a potion) in your belt, it will now be automatically replenished from your main inventory.
- You can now open and close your sack by clicking on it. This is only a visual preference and has no effect on the sack or items inside.
- Fixed a problem Sholop had with crafting.
- Reduced some jitteryness when many players are on.

November 11, 2011
- Friday update!
- Players now start in a new, safer area after dying and when playing the game for the first time.
- Tavelor has expanded his tavern a bit.
- It is no longer possible to escape off the ledge in Darklow's shop.
- Fixed pet wolves sometimes leaving a zone even after being told to stay.
- Vendors will now craft items even if they are in a conversation.
- Retaliation attacks no longer give any wanted time.

November 4, 2011
- Friday update!
- You can now customize the look of your character. You can change your gender, handedness, hair color, skin color, and clothes color. To perform a character customization, click the 'Store' link on the main page.
- Fixed Ourik's broken door.

October 28, 2011
- Friday update!
- A new area, enemy, and item has been added to the game.
- Pets may now become untame if left in a dangerous area too long.

October 21, 2011
- Friday update!
- Three new items have been added to the game.
- Fixed a bug where sometimes NPCs took a long time to craft items.
- The spiked shield now has a shield skill requirement.
- You can now say 'stay' or 'heel' to pets to request that they stay or follow you. You may use the pet name in the command for a specific pet (e.g. "stay spot"). If no name is given, all of your pets will follow the command.

October 19, 2011
- An RSS feed has been added to the top of this updates page and to Tavelor's Journal. Subscribe to be notified of any updates made here or to Tavelor's Journal.
- From now on, I plan to release new content and feature updates on Fridays. I will make the update sometime during the day on Friday so that it will be available for the weekend. Check back here this Friday!

October 9, 2011
- Support Aberoth! There is now an online store for Aberoth. To access the store, click on the 'Store' link under game window. Anything you buy from the store will support the development and maintenance Aberoth. Currently, the only thing you can buy from the store is a bank vault upgrade.

October 4, 2011
- You can now change the font size by clicking the 'Font' links next to 'Smaller' and 'Larger' below the game window.

September 28, 2011
- You must now be unfriendly to sleep friendly players. Sleeping a friendly player now makes you wanted.
- Shields now only give the full block percent if your player is attacked from the front or from the side of the shield. If you are attacked from a different direction, there is a lower percent chance to block.
- The doors to the bank are now slightly wider.
- When using doors in town, you now appear on the right hand side (rather than the center) so that others may easily pass.
- Fixed the problem with bees flying high in the rogue den.

September 21, 2011
- Added a few in game clues for animal training.

September 20, 2011
- It is now possible to tame animals. Once you have tamed an animal, you may name it by saying 'namepet'. The 'namepet' command will assign a name to your closest unnamed pet. Pets do not camp with the player and remain in the world when the player logs out. Pets are also persistent across server restarts.

September 14, 2011
- Fixed a memory leak problem that caused the server to eventually crash.
- You can now hit NPCs that are sleeping to wake them up.
- Tavelor now only lists the people that are currently playing when you ask him 'who'. You can ask him 'recently' or 'who was' to see who has been on in the last day.

September 6, 2011
- Added a new high score page which displays the most skillful players in the game. This page is now the default when clicking the 'Champions' link on the main page.
- Players must now have at least one gold to appear on the 'Wealthiest' high score page.

September 5, 2011
- Fixed a bug where a quest could not be started by certain players.

August 31, 2011
- You can now see your current quests by saying 'quests'. Quests are listed in order of difficulty from easiest to hardest.

August 14, 2011
- Personal storage vaults are now available for purchase from Gomald.
- Added the "invite" command. Say "invite Playername", and your character will temporarily invite Playername to follow you. If you invite someone to follow you then go into your vault, and they follow you within five seconds, they will be escorted to your vault. Once they leave, they cannot re-enter your vault without another invite.

July 24, 2011
- You can now change your password by saying 'password'. There have been some rumors over the past few weeks about account hacking. I am not aware of any way to hack accounts other than password guessing. If your password is very easy to guess, you might consider changing it. Adding numbers and capital letters to your password will make it very hard to guess.
- When you say 'skills', skills are now sorted by level. Also, the skill level now has a letter after it (a-z), that indicates your progress to the next skill level.
- You can now pick up items that are under other items that you cannot pick up (in Tavelor's tavern, for example).
- You can now see when other players are camping.

July 22, 2011
- If you click on someone who is carrying your personalized items, you will recognize the items.

July 19, 2011
- When you kill a monster, you will now automatically pick up any gold it drops (if you are still close enough). Automatic pickup of gold can be enabled or disabled by saying 'autogold'.
- The first quest from Inala now recommends visiting Lysis.
- Flowers are now easier to run through.
- Experience loss from being killed by another player is now half the normal death experience loss.
- Engraving items is now a bit cheaper.
- The group experience bonus has been raised. There is now a 10% experience bonus for every additional player in a group.

May 24, 2011
- If you are holding someone else's personalized item in your inventory, a white 'P' appears next to it.
- Fixed a problem that Firefox on OS X would not log you out when the browser window was closed.
- Fixed some display issues and flickering on OS X.

May 17, 2011
- Increased healing rate 10% for all players to compensate for a recent change which suspended healing after taking damage.
- The skills entry for bind wounds now displays a more informative healing rate as opposed to a simple percentage.
- Fixed the problem that when new champions refreshed their browser, it created a new character instead of resurrecting their current character.

May 10, 2011
- Tavelor now gives a bit more information when you ask him 'who'. You can now also return beer for a refund.
- Changed the way damage is displayed. Regular hits are in (parentheses), solid hits are in [brackets], and critical hits are in {braces}. Solid and critical hits will only happen if you have a weapon skill.
- When fighting (after you take damage), your normal healing is suspended. A pink line will appear in your hit points when healing is suspended. A white line indicates normal healing is happening. Magical healing is not affected by battle.
- Made some server performance improvements.

May 2, 2011
- Tavelor now charges less to personalize your items, especially for lower level items.

April 30, 2011
- When you type something (but have not spoken yet) and leave a zone, what you typed carries to the next zone.
- When you type something and a game message appears, it no longer wipes out what you typed.
- When you begin to say something, an ellipsis appears above your head to indicate that you are going to speak.

April 28, 2011
- Items now stay exactly where they were left when the server is restarted. Before this fix, item locations changed slightly. Gold still disappears when the server is reset.

April 27, 2011
- Potions that might fail when you drink them now have an exclamation point indicator next to them in your inventory. The indicator can vary in color from greeenish to yellow to orange to red based on the likelihood of success drinking the potion. If there is no indicator, it means that your drinking skill is high enough to guarantee success. This mechanism may be used in the future for other items that have a skill recommendation or requirement.
- NPCs will now not start up conversations if they do not understand what you are saying. Also, you need to be closer to Tavelor and Darklow to start conversations with them. Hopefully these changes will reduce unwanted NPC conversations from starting.
- There is now an experience penalty for dying. If you die, all skills lose xp, and the skill that has focus suffers the biggest experience loss. The additional loss for the focused skill is the same multiplier as the advantage the focused skill has when gaining experience.

April 14, 2011
- Tavelor (writer of the journal) has opened a tavern in town. He has a few capabilities, which you can discover by saying "help" to him. One thing he can do is personalize your items if you drop them on his little table. Personalized items have your name on them, so it is a way for your character to own items. If you find someone else's item, you can drop it in the tavern. Tavelor will put it in the lost and found and no one can take it except the owner. If you die in the dungeon with personalized items and can't get them back, check the lost and found later to see if anyone returned them. He will hold them for several real days.
- If you are holding someone else's item, camping will always take 30 seconds, even in town. If you are holding someone's item and they hit you, your camp is canceled. These policies will make it impossible to steal then immediately log out.

April 13, 2011
- All skills now earn experience when they are practiced, whether they have focus or not. However, skills without focus increase at one third of the focused rate.
- You no longer lose focus when you die. There is now no death penalty aside from losing your items and restarting in town.
- Increased the bind wounds healing rate somewhat at levels greater than 10.

March 21, 2011
- Made many changes to the client to increase performance and compatibility.

February 21, 2011
- Eliminated mob fuzzyness/blurryness when the screen is scrolling.
- Reduced wolf rapid flickering.
- Increased WW item drop rate slightly.

February 19, 2011
- Shopkeepers now wait a minute before sorting or destroying items a player has dropped.
- Shopkeepers now inform the customer when additional crafting materials are no longer necessary.

February 16, 2011
- Different size clients now work correctly (the icons are scaled and not cut off).
- Made performance enhancements in the client. This should make animation smoother and reduce client lag and pauses (the 8-10 second occasional server pauses will still happen). Please let me know if you have any problems (visual artifacts, increased lag, etc).

February 14, 2011
- Added a new high value item that is somewhat rare.

February 8, 2011
- Fixed initial quest from Inala (some players could not get this quest).
- Improved NPC responsiveness, which became sluggish after yesterday's update.

February 7, 2011
- Implemented server performance enhancements to fix sluggishness caused by the addition of the new area last week.

February 3, 2011
- Removed the healer fee when you die. Instead, death causes you to lose your skill focus (no actual experience is lost). With this change, your bank account cannot go down unless you withdraw gold.
- Fixed text being cut off under the hit points bar.

February 1, 2011
- Added a new area and new items.
- Made some minor changes to the way mob AI works.
- Pricing in the shops has changed somewhat.
- Manually cleaned up some boots and clubs.

January 15, 2011
- The changes on January 13 had some internal modifications to the way combat worked. I had not intended to change the overall difficulty of mobs, but it seems that orcs became quite a bit harder. Orcs should now be back to about the same difficulty as they were before.

January 13, 2011
- The equation used to calculate skill levels has changed slightly. Some players might lose a level or two due to this change. The amount of experience each player has did not change, only the skill level calculation.
- The delay for fist and knife off-hand fighting has been reduced and the delay for shield off-hand fighting has increased.
- Players now wake up properly when hit while sleeping.
- Fixed a bug that could cause visual artifacts.

January 8, 2011
- Experience from a defeated mob is now divided between everyone involved in the fight based on damage contribution. Quest rewards are still only given to the player who strikes the final blow.
- There is a slight group bonus if more than one player is involved in a kill.
- Lysis' focus fee is now based on Life level.
- You can no longer hide when asleep, and being hit wakes you up.
- Fighting is no longer stuck if you speak while holding the 'f' key.

January 4, 2011
- Making camp now only takes three seconds in town and inside Lysis' hut.
- The main door to town has been widened a bit.
- You will now fall asleep after a few minutes of inactivity, even when hiding.
- You can make yourself sleep by saying "sleep" or "afk".

December 31, 2010
- Fixed a bug where sometimes an item (usually a shield) could fall through the floor when dropped in town.

December 21, 2010
- Players may now flip a coin in the game. To flip a coin, say "flipcoin" or "tosscoin".

December 18, 2010
- Added a new item.
- When a player makes camp in the stony field after leaving the orc lair, do not restart them right in front of the lair.

December 14, 2010
- Made it a more challenging for pkers. When an unfriendly player attacks someone, they become wanted. Wanted players have an exclamation point after their name. A player who is wanted cannot hide, make camp, or become friendly. A player becomes wanted for five seconds for hurting another player and one hundred seconds for killing another player. Wanted time is cumulative. No changes were made for friendly players.
- Added the ability for the server administrator to display a message to all users.
- Minor tweaks to the orc and rogue AI.

December 12, 2010
- Added a new item.

December 7, 2010
- Added a couple of new items.
- Gomald the banker now notifies you when he makes a payout to the healer.
- Fixed a bug that crashed the server when a player got too powerful. Thank you Illia for helping me track that one down.

December 1, 2010
- Fixed Inala not letting people switch skills.

November 27, 2010
- Players can now quick-use items in their belt by pressing 1-9 for the belt slot number. Numbers 2-8 are fixed to the slot in the belt while number 1 and 0 are special. Pressing 1 will always use the first usable item in your belt (from the left). Pressing 0 will always use the last usale item in your belt (first from the right).
- Added several new items to the game (all similar to each other).

November 23, 2010
- Fixed some orc AI problems.

November 20, 2010
- I have added the new areas and several new items to the game. I will also be adding more items to the new areas over the next week or so.

November 18, 2010
- The new areas are pretty much finished. However, I still need to add a few more items. This might take several days.

November 4, 2010
- Much progress has been made in implementing the next area, but it is not yet complete. I expect it to be ready in a week or two.

October 8, 2010
- Fixed a bug at the witch's hut where the player could fall through the floor.
- In the future, if a player falls through the floor, it will not count as death. No items or gold will be lost.
- Made a certain skill (starts with 'B') much easier to level for consistency.

October 5, 2010
- Added the "skills" command to display information about your current skills.

September 10, 2010
- Added the "hide" command. See the help page for more details.

September 3, 2010
- A new NPC has been added.

August 17, 2010
- Characters may now carry a small inventory.
- A few new items have been added.
- The mouse position no longer has to be exact when clicking on items or gold. A click one game block to any side or diagonally will work.

June 13, 2010
- It is now possible to have conversations with certain NPCs.
- The game now contains context sensitive hints.

May 16, 2010
- Players inside the game world no longer experience lag or choppiness when a new player joins.

May 5, 2010
- The AI for all computer controlled creatures has been completely rewritten. Rogues now pick up gold and equipment.

April 6, 2010
- Shift-click will now drop something (same as right click). This may be useful for one button mice.
- Rogues and other players now do not climb on top of each when in a crowd. Also, a little extra space was added between players.

April 1, 2010
- Damage that is dealt to a player character is now displayed in yellow. NPC damage is still in pink.
- Multiple lines of damage will now stack, so you can see all damage done. Also, damage will no longer wipe out your speech.
- The damage dealt changes sides so that it is more readable.

March 30, 2010
- The limit for speech is now 225 characters (up from 50). Text will automatically wrap when spoken.
- The names of unfriendly players now appear in pink. Names of friendly players still appear in white.

March 25, 2010
- Attack and defense statistics for the player are now displayed on the bottom of the screen. Higher numbers are more powerful. For attack, the first number is the attack value of your primary hand, and the number in parentheses is the attack value of your off hand.
- You may toggle display of your statistics on and off by typing the command "stats".
- When attacking to the north or south, your hand now swings inward for a better chance of hitting.

March 18, 2010
- Some modifications have been made to the controls. Now, players will always use the left mouse button to attack or pick up items. The right mouse button will now be used to unequip and drop items. This change will prevent the player from accidentally unequipping and dropping items, which was rather common in battle. The 'f' key can also be used to attack.
- Players now have a primary hand and a secondary hand. The primary hand attacks faster than the secondary hand. A picked up weapon will be wielded in any free hand, with preference given to the primary hand. Damage and defense are currently the same for both hands. However, given identical weapons, the primary hand will deal more damage over time due to its faster attack rate.

March 16, 2010
- Fixed a problem with the rogue den where sometimes equipment or players could fall off the world.
- Made the hallway in the den a bit wider to facilitate groups.

March 13, 2010
- Two new commands have been added, "unfriendly" and "friendly". By default, every player character starts out as unfriendly. When a player is unfriendly, they can hurt other player characters. If you enter the command "friendly", you will not hurt other friendly players when attacking. This is very useful when fighting together, for example. If you enter the command "unfriendly", you will be able to attack other human players, but they will also be able to attack you (even if they are friendly).
- Bees and rabbits are now much easier to hit.

February 24, 2010
- It is now possible to log out safely. Enter the command "makecamp", and your character will begin the process of logging out of Aberoth. Camp may be interrupted at any time by any key or mouse button. Once you have established camp (this currently takes thirty seconds), you will be safely logged out.
- If you do not use the "makecamp" command, closing the browser will still log you out after thirty seconds, but you may be killed during that time.

February 8, 2010
- There are now three Champion ranking pages. The "Wealthiest" page is ranked by gold, the "Most Valiant" is ranked by the number of enemies killed, and the "Most Sinister" is ranked by how many player characters and friendly human non-player characters have been killed. The counts for the "Most Valiant" and "Most Sinister" pages will start today. Clicking on the "Champions" link on the main page will display the "Wealthiest" Champions. Links to the other Champion pages are at the bottom of that page.

February 4, 2010
- The Journal of Tavelor has been written that will contain updates to the game world as seen from the perspective of Tavelor, a new citizen of Aberoth. All in game additions will be included in his journal, when appropriate. His journal can be accessed from the main page by the "Journal" link. If there are new updates to the journal since your last visit, the "Journal" link becomes "New Journal Entry!!!"
- Changes to Aberoth that are outside the game world such as UI changes, technical details, bug fixes, and command changes will still appear here.

January 29, 2010
- When additions have been made to Aberoth since the last time you visited this page, the "Updates" link on the main page becomes "New Updates!!!".

January 28, 2010
- Picking up gold and items now works correctly on Mac OS.
- Attacking straight down now works correctly.
- Shownames is now enabled by default.
- Moving from room to room in the house with a shield equipped no longer causes problems.
- Attacking while moving no longer causes excessive damage to other players.
- Added this "Recent Changes and Additions" page.